If You Wanna Beat Me You Gotta Worship The Devil

I mean really know that dude on a personal level.

This is Stankrom’s blog. If you feel kind of shitty, or have low self esteem you should read it because he’s such a massive piece of steaming shit that you’ll realize you’re actually pretty great in comparison.

This is fucking hilarious.


65 x 25
85 x 20
105 x 20

Really boring, did it in my basement with a shitty 1 inch bar with no bearings, lifting off dipping bars. Ghetto.

Yesterday evening I went to Dairy Queen with my friend before class, he ordered before me and stood right between the cashier and I after his order, and we both just kind of looked at him waiting for him to move. I said “Luke, you’re in the way.” then the pretty cashier smiled at me. That made me feel a little bit better about myself, I smiled back briefly, and made my order. That was it.

I’ve been talking to that girl I mentioned in my Wednesday post on facebook, apparently going into a conversation with no intention other than to make myself laugh works at least kind of well. I’ll see if it goes anywhere.


85 x 25
105 x 20
125 x 20
Bullet through my skull would be nice

195 x 2, failed on the 3rd rep
<5 minutes later 195 x 3. I gets busy.

95 x 2 x 20
See squats

Kroc Row:
125 x 2 x 12
Tougher than usual

Hi Nicole, I know you still aren’t reading this.


2 thoughts on “If You Wanna Beat Me You Gotta Worship The Devil

  1. kincain says:

    During his NASCAR debut…

    “We’re so fucking shit, it’s unbelievable. The car is shit because I cannot get it turned! It is so frustrating! I cannot get the fucking car turned!”’


  2. stankrom says:

    thanks for the link bro you must have aids

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