I’ve Always Been a Genuine Person

Test that, get sent to the surgeon.

I spent the whole time I worked this weekend wearing a Santa hat. I’m going to spend my entire shift on Tuesday wearing a Santa hat, and the rest of the shifts I work until Christmas wearing a Santa hat. I’m REAL disappointed that I don’t have access to a Santa Claus costume because if I did I’d be wearing it during my shift on Christmas eve.

I didn’t do any rehabbing over the weekend because it’s fucking boring, I push buggies and lift cases all day (which is about as much work as the rehabbing) anyways, and I was busy working on a fucking lame Thermodynamics assignment.

Facebook girl stopped please responding as of Friday, which is whatever, I just found it odd given that the conversation was seeming to go in a positive direction, what with use talking about baking cookies and stuff. Oh well.

This happened yesterday and it was really fucking awesome:
The part that’s cut off says “Does anyone know how I can get in direct contact with Joss Stone? I wanna ask her out.”

Squat: 135 x 20
Boring, gonna do 2 plates for 15 Wednesday, 3 plates for 10 Friday, and get back to my regularly scheduled programming on Monday

Bench: 240 x 8 x 3
Kind of Slow

Deadlifts: Exactly the same as squats

Chins: 45 x 5,5,8

Between sets of chin ups I saw one of my buddies doing a lat spread, I ran over and joined him then turned over and said “Why are we wearing shirts?” quite loudly. He laughed, but not nearly as I did.

Be still my heart


One thought on “I’ve Always Been a Genuine Person

  1. kincain says:

    was meaning to ask: is there a particular reason you don’t increase the weight on the front squat, jerk and snatch on wednesday?

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