Brent can Fellate an Old Wrinkly Man

That awkward moment when you can’t tell if the girl who, if in a play would be cast as The Princess, was looking at you because she saw you catching a fat bicep pump or because she heard you cursing out Saul Harris as you caught the aforementioned bicep pump.
Either way eye contact was briefly made and WOW! Nothing happened.

Anyone know how much Percocet it would take to kill a 200lb man?

Studying for finals is slowly killing me anyways, so never mind. As it turns out paying attention in lecture all year is easier than it is to learn everything yourself after lectures end. Then again, two of my courses are taught by the same fucking loser who spends more time talking about what accomplishments he’s made in the fields of study than he does teaching them, and the TA for one of those courses is twice the piece of shit Stankrom could ever aspire to be.

There’s a girl at work who I’m pretty sure is interested in me but she’s fat and ugly, and even more importantly annoying as fuck. I could not be less attracted to her. I’m tempted to just say “I don’t know if you like me or if you’re just weird as fuck, but I’d rather not have any interaction with you regardless.”

Squat: 225 x 15
Kinda hurt, but they were definitely do-able.

Jerk: 170 x 10 x 1
My right knee felt like some one stuck a steel spike through it, so I went and rolled it out until it felt better after words.

Deadlift: 225 x 15
Surprisingly less painful than the squats.

Curl: 107.5 x 2 x 10
Got a real fat pump out of these, but I don’t really care.

Did the best MOBbing I’ve ever done. I feel loose,  relaxed.

Kincain inquires why I don’t increase the weights on my Wednesdays

I do, I increase them 5lb every 6 weeks. If you increase them too often they start to actually stress your body, and then in interferes with recovery for Fridays.


8 thoughts on “Brent can Fellate an Old Wrinkly Man

  1. kincain says:

    Thanks, I’d recall from your log something that Justin said to you that you have to keep the light day light, so I prolly already had a fague idea.

    How certain are you that the obsesed-anyoying-fat-girl doesn’t read your blog, since NICOLE clearly doesn’t. I guess that the good news is, is that there are girls that might actually like you. Albeit being foul and ugly as fuck.

  2. marotta92 says:

    I’m sure that she doesn’t read my blog because the name is obscure and it can’t really be found just by googling my name and blog. Besides, she probably doesn’t know my whole name and definitely doesn’t know I have a blog.

    Nicole has spent at least half an hour looking for my blog according to our mutual friend that has a bunch of classes with her, and hasn’t found it and she knows my whole name.

  3. Liam says:

    Does she not know you squat or something? Googling “marotta squat” has your log on SS as the first link. Then she could’ve read through that and stumbled upon the link to your blog.

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