I Could Crack a Joke, but, Crack’s no Joke.

I heard Head I.C.E. say this well over a month ago, and still laugh every time I think of it or hear it.

Saw TGWWBCAAP in the gym again today. Made eye contact at least twice. It’s fine. Then by the time I finished in the gym Carlos had coincidentally posted this on my wall with the caption “Nothing To Say.”

Whatever, this just describes my life to a fucking T (Aside from the stalking part). I’ll just be the fucking loser in the corner, glancing up every minute or so with his headphones turned all the way up playing this far louder than it needs to be:

Training was real shitty today, but seeing as I had maybe 25 grams of protein and 1000 calories in total by the time I trained on top of the fact that my sleep has been shit because I’ve been studying for lame-ass fucking finals, I’ll let it slide.

Squat: 315 x 10
Kinda hurt

Bench 290 x 2

Deadlift: 315 x 10
I was almost like my body was in safe-mode because these felt real tough but only felt it in my glute a little bit.

Kroc Row: 125 x 2 x 12

On the plus side I took a fucking dump on my Statics final, I put it in a box and said “EASY!”
See y’all next time.


3 thoughts on “I Could Crack a Joke, but, Crack’s no Joke.

  1. kincain says:

    what about this one? It’s dutch though

  2. marotta92 says:

    I typically don’t care for vocal music that I can’t understand the lyrics of.

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