Punch a Hole in Your Bakery

Getting bread from that quarter-brick.

Thought my glute would be fine by today, it definitely isn’t and I’m fucking pissed off and generally upset about it, basically won’t be squatting or deadlifting heavy until New Years and that could create quite a bit of interference with me breaking world records in May, but, We Gon’ See.

Yesterday was my work Christmas party. I ate what I’d estimate was about 3-3.5lb of food, the turkey sucked taint, it was cold and dry as fuck, everything else I had was real good. I wore jeans, my wolf shirt, which I got a compliment on, and a Santa hat so I was the best dressed by a huge margin. I also had quite a lot of fun which was a good mental break from studying, even though it meant me losing even more sleep over the weekend. I got maybe 17 hours, if that between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which resulted in me trying to take a nap in my university unsuccessfully. I’m tired as fuck so I can’t tell if it because I was physically uncomfortable or uncomfortable with people walking by, probably staring at me while I sleep. Regardless, I’m pretty confident in what I did on the final and I don’t have another one until Friday so I can relax and sleep tonight.

375 x 1- Felt awful
225 x 5
225 x 10

Press: 170 x 8 x 3
Felt great

Deadlift: 225 x 15
I’m starting to think I should be focusing my rehabbing on deadlifts more than squats.

Chins: +45 x 5,5,9

Alright, gonna go sit on ice for a few hours now, stay safe.


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