I’m a Bulletproof Tiger With Wings


135 x 15
185 x 10
245 x 25
The skin on my hands wasn’t too keen on me not using chalk, and I probably should have belted because they got real exhausting. Glute doesn’t feel like I fucked it more though,  so I would imagine evrything’s fine

Today was a pretty good day overall, feel good about my math exam, found out my mum would be fine with Brent and Justin staying with with us if they come to Toronto for another 70’s big seminar, and this happened:

Yes I’m wearing a Santa hat and a tank top, yes I ended the video by saying “70’s Big, Cunt”, yes My friend turned the camera to himself and said “Mmmmmmmmm” and yes I said “Justin, You’re gonna wish you were aborted.” at the top of the third press. Overall I think it’s a pretty sweet video.

Aside from that I’ve  under-slept and under-ate as a result of exams, I also for see more of the same coming over the weekend. Thermodynamics on Monday should be real shitty, then one more final that will be easier. Once that’s over my plans include: Stuffing my fucking face, sleeping 10 hours a day, and letting loose for once in an eternity at New Years.

In other news it’s entirely plausible that I’ll be dressing up Santa on Christmas Eve. I’m kind of excited, it will be fun, and I like kids (not in the way Patrick Stroup looks like he likes kids). It will also be difficult to avoid replacing the traditional “Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas” with “Soo-Woo” while dressed in a red suit.

Press: 200 x 3
See video.

Deadlift: 255 x 25
Had to take a short break between the first 20 and the last 5, I may or may not have been able to avoid this by sleeping 8 hours, eating more than 600 calories in the 14 hours prior, and having time to ice my ass this morning. It’s fine.

Speaking of Santa Suits


2 thoughts on “I’m a Bulletproof Tiger With Wings

  1. Hamburgerfan says:

    Who the FUCK is stankrom?

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