Sleep Finally Appears, I Hold out my Arm to Reach Him

Just to hear my alarm clock going off, Carpe Diem.


Deadlifts: 135 x 25
Anything above this felt real shitty


Deadlifts: 175 x 25
Felt fine. Saw TGWWBCAAP, I doubt she saw me because she was on a treadmill, all of which are right up against the windows. I didn’t see her face but I could tell it was her by the way she moved, by the way her hair shone under the light as it swayed to and fro while she ran. It’s fine.

Studying my ass off for Thermo paid off, or so it would seem. I gave up last night when I found out I only needed 5% on the final to pass as I was completely mentally drained, everything turned out well though because I actually knew what I was doing in the exam and feel like I pulled at least a 75%. I had been sleeping around 5 hours a night for the few days and it was really catching up with me. I was grumpy as fuck at work on Sunday morning, but cheered up a bit in the afternoon. NGAW came in for her shift and showed off her new hair cut. I told her “Wish I cared.” and gave her a cookie.

One exam left, unfortunately ‘Concurrent Engineering and Design’ isn’t as enthralling as the title would have one think. The worst part is that there is no application I can practice, just filling my brain with line after line of shit I don’t care about. The I’m-So-Fat-That-It-Would-Be-Better-For-The-Rest-Of-The-World-If-I-Was-Dead Prof decided that he’d be even more of a piece of shit and not let anyone leave the exam when they finish like every other one in the school, instead making everyone sit in there for the whole 3 hours. I really want to push this guy on his stomach because he’s fat and stocky enough that he wouldn’t be able to get up and would probably behave in a similar way to a turtle on it’s back

Deadlift: 195 x 25

Bench: 235 x 8 x 3
Worked on bar path in the last few sets. It makes a huge fucking difference.

Chins: +50 x 5,5,7

I think this is just fucking swell:


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