It’s Okay Amigos

Just let me go
Riding in the rodeo


Deadlifts: 225 x 15
Feels good man

Bit of upper body mobbing.

Phil Lynott is one of the coolest motherfuckers of all time. I forgot this, but randomly decided to listen to Thin Lizzy as I trained today and it reminded me how fucking awesome he is.

Wrote my last exam yesterday. It could have gone better but it was okay. The CAD portion had me flipping the fuck out because I started the model on the wrong plane and certain functions are only available on the X-Y plane (which is really fucking stupid if you ask me) I ended up wasting 20-30 minutes getting it turned to the correct plane, and managed to finish with 15 minutes left. The fact that one of my friends made 4 different types of cookies for me and a couple others to eat before the exam made the whole ordeal a lot better.

I’ve been asking people my age/around my age what they asked Santa for this year.

Deadlift: 265 x 15
Feels better man. Gonna get 315 x 10 tomorrow and 405 x 5 on Friday.

Jerk: 170 x 10 x 1
Played around with different grips/elbow positions, didn’t like any of them.

Curl: 110 x 2 x 10
Got a real fat bicep pump off these cunts.

Might go out to a pub tonight, which will be the first time I’ve gone out since the end of the summer. It’s fine.


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