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Sag Awards 2012, Shaun White, Trisomy 18

This is an experiment for the next week that was, if I remember correctly, Paul Sousa’s idea. I looked up the trends on google showing the most popular searches and put the top three in my title.

I’ve been thinking about death, not in a morbid way, I’m not really ready to die, I don’t want to, but I fully accept that I could today, tomorrow or any day. I would fight for my life, I would resist death, but it’s completely possible I could be killed today and not be able to do anything about it, I’m surprisingly fine with this. If it’s completely out of my hands so be it. I also feel this way about the death of others. People die, everyone, in fact. All the people close to me will, one day, be dead, and for all intensive purposes, out of my life. 99% of the time I won’t be able to do anything about it, and it’s a part of life, so I probably won’t do much, if any, mourning. My dad’s mom for instance, I love my nonna probably more than I love anyone else on this planet and she is one of the most genuine people I’ll ever meet. I don’t want her to ever pass away, but she will, and I can’t stop it, I’ll miss her, but making a big deal of it won’t accomplish anything, so I won’t (This is of course assuming it isn’t by the hand of another, if it was I’d rip them the fuck apart for being such a piece of shit). Consequently, I also feel that people who kill themselves are fucking losers, the world is fucking amazing and if you WANT to leave it you’re pretty fucking stupid, I joke about killing myself, but that’s because I would never do it. It seems so ridiculous and illogical to me that I can’t really take it seriously. Maybe I’ll walk outside to go to class and get sniped in the fucking skull my a fellow student gone insane. I really wouldn’t like that, but if it happens, so be it.

Started coaching this morning, the first guy was actually real good, didn’t take very much at all to get him doing the lifts with damn good form, whole workout took him 30 minutes.

Press: 175 x 8 x 3
Last two were tough-ish

Neck Harness: 45 x 3 x 5
Wanted to try it, meh

Chin-ups: +55 x 5,5,10
It was alright.


You Better pet your Dog Like a Cat

Tell your pet snake hop like a rabbit.

*This content has been omitted because Mark has been compromised. It’s fine.*

Itching to get back to squatting and pulling, and I’m starting to feel real good to get back at it.

I have this massive urge to find someone who is a total Melvin-fuck and follow them around all day being their hype-man. Everything they say, the lamer the better followed by a loud “TALK TO ‘EM!” every time they answer a question “WHAT ELSE?” and every now and then a deep, booming “SAY IT AGAIN!” This would carry on for as long as it would take for the person to just give up on talking out of frustration, I would have an incredible sense of accomplishment.

Bench Press: 295 x 3X
SO FUCKING CLOSE, literally less than 1/3 of the way to locking out the third, I’m gonna do 2.5lb jumps after my next intensity bench.

Kroc Row: 125 x 2 x 10
I had been feeling these in my injured glute/ham when doing the right side, but nothing today. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.

Stretches: 2 minutes each.

I Catch him While he’s Laughin’ it up With Daddy in the Benz’o

I’ll be three cars back, ski masked up in a rental
He’ll have death on his back like Alexander Emelianenko

I’ve spent the last couple of days trolling the fuck out of my best friend, to the point where even he found it funny. A bunch of us, excluding him were in the caf when we brought up how miserable he is all the time. He hates using Facebook, but still has it, and gets an email with EVERY notification. We all did stuff that would give him notifications, then someone pointed out his picture looked photoshopped because he was sitting in an Formula Ford which is small, making his head look too big for the picture. I then proceeded to make pictures with his head cropped and pasted onto various other racecars with the sizing all wrong and his head outside the windshield on some. Many laughs were had, it was an afternoon of ahhaHAHAHAAHAhahaHAHa.

Jerks: 175 x 10 x 1

Curls: 112.5 x 2 x 10
Wore my sunglasses on the first set and made a video

Stretches for 1:45 each

I miss squatting.

“Watch Epic Meal Time

Or I got some mean motherfuckers that will come suck your dick.”

So the stretching/heating/not lifting seems to be helping, I still feel it, but it never really hurts like it did before. I’ve been stretching for longer each day because without some sort of progression I’d deepthroat a shotgun barrel. I’m not gonna start squatting/pulling until next Monday at the earliest.

Got the Ustream PPV of KOTD Blackout 2, Epic Meal Time was there and the big burly bearded guy was there being fucking hilarious saying stuff like “If you put up this video before we put it up on our channel, I’ll stick a knife in you and turn it.”,  “Kill you parents, drink blood and drop out of school.” and “SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’M MARTIN SCORSESE. WATCH EPIC MEAL TIME.” It was pretty great.

What am I REALLY thinking about? HONESTLY? I can’t write about it because I’ve been compromised. It’s fine. B-T-Dubs I’ve been saying “It’s fine” 20-50 times a day. It’s fine.

Bench: 245 x 8 x3
My body was definitely ready for this.

Chins: +55 x 5,5,8
It was alright.

Stretches: 75 seconds each.

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So I Gained 2.5+lb This Week

Last Friday I was 190.5lb right after eating lunch, today I was 193 right after eating breakfast then taking a shit. I guess that means the Ground beef is cool. I’ll probably have to eat less soon with my Weight class being 198 and me not wanting to move up to 220 anytime in the next 3 years.

My glute tear is apparently not a glute tear, I just fucked up the insertion of my hamstring into my glute. Doc said heat and stretching and I should be good in 2 weeks to a month. I don’t wanna wait that long, as I’m already not enjoying going to the gym without squatting and pulling. It feels kind of pointless.

Pressed 205 x 3 for a crispy PR

Kroc Rowed 125 x 2 x 9

Did a bunch of stretches, one of which looks real fucking stupid, but I’ve never been one to concern myself with what I look like to others.

BRB Listening to The Green Tape for the millionth time

I Threw a Bullet at Him

He was wide open.


Obama stepped his life game up and trying to kill SOPA, AGL.

So yesterday I was sitting in the caf, two female friends of mine walk up behind me and take turns rubbing my head and discussing how soft my hair is with each other. It’s fucking FINE okay? Whatever, I don’t have a problem it’s just fucking fine.

I’m going to the doctor’s about my glute tomorrow, I’ll probably go to physio after that and be told to do stuff with way less weight than I’ll feel anything with. Hopefully not for the latter.

It’s also fucking fine that the most used search term to find my blog is the acronym I’ve coined for a girl who’s name I don’t even know.

Tried some glute/ham extensions or what ever they’re called yesterday and today, felt pretty good, I dunno.

Glute/Ham: 50 x 15

Jerk: 175 x 1 x10

Curl: 112.5 x 2 x 10

Bit of Mob’ing

I Got a Sawed Off Shotgun with a Barrel Full of Quarters

Let the Semi crank, Impact of a mini-tank
Turn his stomach into a piggy bank

RDL: 345 x 10
Felt okay

Saturday morning I started to feel real inspired to crush shit at nationals,  decided from now on I’m having a pound of ground beef for lunch every day and sleeping 11-7 every night, It’ll be alright.

Unfortunately I could barely get 375 off the ground today, so basically if I can’t get my reps at 405 tomorrow I’m going to a physiotherapist or something. Fuck.

RDL: 375 x 0
*Swear words*

175 x 8 x 3

Chin-ups: +55 x 5,5,7
It was alright.

So I Purchased Ammo, the Purpose not to Clap You

But just so it’s heavier when I SMACK YOU WITH THE BURNER HANDLE

Had a nice long talk with Tsypkin about planning to approach TGISOTBEOF if I were to ever see her again in an appropriate setting to do so. I will. I will man the fuck up, let my testicles drop and fucking talk to her.

Whoever’s idea it was to make it so engineers at my school have no choice but to take one class that ends at 2200h on Thursday and another that starts at 0810h on Friday can get fucked. I get home around 10:30, can’t sleep for another 2 hours or so and end up getting 5 hours of sleep before intensity day. Fuck that.

Picking up these in a couple hours:
I plan to wear them everywhere, at all times. Inside, outside, nighttime, in class, eating, showering, sleeping, weddings, funerals, all’a that.
I’ll probably spend all of summer wearing those glasses, tank tops and running shorts. AGL.

RDL: 275 x 10

RDL: 315 x 10
I guess I’ll ride this out all next week, hopefully make it up to the mid 4’s for 5 then get back to normal. Or maybe let a knife explore the middle of my neck.

Bench Press: 295 x 3

Kroc Row: 125 x 2 x 8
Kind of ripped that nasty cut I had open, but it’s fine.

70’s Big Durham now has 3 members (after figuring out Wednesday that the URL didn’t match the one on the poster) and I’m smiling like a proud dad.

Gimmie Somethin’ ta Write on Will Ya?

Pulled 405 for 5 singles yesterday, that shouldn’t be an accomplishment.

I have my first stats lecture in less than 2 hours, my prof is fucking gorgeous. I’ll be sitting in the front row, probably drooling. It’s fine.

Made eye contact with TGWWBCAAP yet again, I’m gonna smile next time, if she looks away I’ll go out and buy a nice sturdy rope.

RDL negatives: 315 x 3 x 4

Jerk: 175 x 10 x 1

Snatch: 145 x 10 x 1
Pressed at least half of them out

Curl: 110 x 2 x 10

Don’t have much else to write about.

I Could be an Oak Tree Holding a Seat on Strings

and still this emo geek won’t swing on me.

Starting up an S&C Club at my school, no one’s joined yet, but it’s only been four hours since I started putting posters up.

Passed TGISOTBEOF by in a stairwell, My heart sunk to my feet. She had some internally rotated Gordon fuck with her, couldn’t tell if she knew him or anything, he didn’t open the door for her so I would assume he wasn’t. I don’t wanna talk about it.

RDLs: 130 x 25

RDLs: 155 x 25

RDLs: 185 x 25

Bench: 245 x 8 x 3
3 sets were real slow

Chin-ups: +50 x 5, 5, 10