“Watch Epic Meal Time

Or I got some mean motherfuckers that will come suck your dick.”

So the stretching/heating/not lifting seems to be helping, I still feel it, but it never really hurts like it did before. I’ve been stretching for longer each day because without some sort of progression I’d deepthroat a shotgun barrel. I’m not gonna start squatting/pulling until next Monday at the earliest.

Got the Ustream PPV of KOTD Blackout 2, Epic Meal Time was there and the big burly bearded guy was there being fucking hilarious saying stuff like “If you put up this video before we put it up on our channel, I’ll stick a knife in you and turn it.”,  “Kill you parents, drink blood and drop out of school.” and “SHUT THE FUCK UP. I’M MARTIN SCORSESE. WATCH EPIC MEAL TIME.” It was pretty great.

What am I REALLY thinking about? HONESTLY? I can’t write about it because I’ve been compromised. It’s fine. B-T-Dubs I’ve been saying “It’s fine” 20-50 times a day. It’s fine.

Bench: 245 x 8 x3
My body was definitely ready for this.

Chins: +55 x 5,5,8
It was alright.

Stretches: 75 seconds each.

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