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Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads

While coaching today we were discussing things to do to get zoned in/reckless before a lift and that dissolved into a 5 minute conversation about punching horses in the face like Conan, it was pretty great, after that two of the guys were doing their curls and they stared straight into each others eyes while they did them it was hilarious, intense and erotic. The group I’m lifting which is actually pretty cool and we have a good time while lifting.

Midterms are like halfway over, it’s real lame, I’d rather just give my profs a hundred bucks each for an 80 on them.

Jerk: 175 x 10 x 1
Did my split jerks better than my power jerks.

Snatch: 155 x 5 x 1, 160 x 5 x 1
160 is a PR, absolutely raped my 3rd last and 2nd last ones.

Curl: 110 x 2 x 10


When I was a Kid my Pops Taught me how That Pipe Swung Freely

So shooting might come easy like Mike Dunleavy

Carlos says:
If it’s the piriformis, it’s similar to what I had waaaay back in the days when I started doing SS on a smith machine (no squat rack at that gym). What solved in a week was ibuprofen and sitting on a tennis ball until finding the sore spot, and leaving the damn thing there until it stopped hurting. 

We’ll talk on facebook when we both have a chance.

Shoulders felt like shit, not sure if because of what I did from Mobility WOD.

This is one of the best pictures I’ve ever seen, it absolutely floored me:

Work has been pretty fucking lame lately, right after I started working only Sundays the schedule got switched around and now I never get to see most of my work friends. This makes me dread working even more, which in turn makes me lazier at work. I probably accomplish about half of what I’m capable of, but it’s still more than most of my co-workers in my department, so I guess it’s fine.

There might be one or two girls coming out to my S&C Club, so I wrote out a program for females based on the guidelines Justin wrote about in his ‘How to Train Women’ posts. They were actually a lot of help, and contained tons of info. Thanks, Justin.

175 x 8 x 3
Tough, Shoulders felt like shit during them.

+65 x 3 x 5
Had to do them with a dumbbell between my thighs because I either lost or forgot my strap. This really sucked.

Did my stretches, didn’t Mob.

I’ll Smack Ya Head Off

Catch it, and start talkin’ to it like
“I-I told you QUIT PLAYIN’ WIT ME”

Carlos says:
220×20 felt easy when my squat 1RM was in the low 300s. Go up to 250-275 and see if you’re bored still. It should feel kinda hard the first time you do it with reasonable weight. Find such a weight and go up in 5 lb increments, like SS. Kinda hard will turn into fucking hard very quickly.

They do get hard at the end when heavier. I’ve done around 250 x 20 about 2 years ago, the first ten were still kinda boring. I just started so low because I know how easy it’s been to irritate this thing.

This thing turned out to be my Piriformis, which is strained or possibly torn, according to the ESL Physio therapist. Another one gave me some stretches specifically for it, and a whole procedure I’m supposed to go through. It actually feels pretty good tbh.

Just got back from the Autoshow with two good friends, we goofed off and had a lot of fun, probably the best time I’ve had during my week off. We made rude jokes/commentary on everything around us, and drooled over nice looking cars/women. Got to see a Zonda R and a Veyron for the first time. The Zonda R is an engineering masterpiece, ever square centimeter of carbon fiber is molded to the shape it needs to be to give the car as much down force and cooling as possible. The Veyron was a bit disappointing, it’s a lot smaller than I expected. Other highlights were the new Lambo Aventador, the Ferrari 458 (I’ve seen it before, but it’s still stunningly gorgeous), and the McLaren MP4-12CZ81902KLQ or whatever it’s called, which was really cool because the windows close automatically if the car if off and the door closes.

So I’ve been doing my stretch routine, and today was the first time I actually went to mobility WOD and picked a mob, instead of just doing ones Justin recommends over and over. It felt pretty fucking great.

Bench: 295 x 3

Pendlay Row: 225, 250 x 5

1st part of the Shoulder internal rotation cycle mob.

He Went From Selling Weed, to Baking Cocaine

To being known as H on these streets; Horatio Caine.

So I’m doing Physio Therapy starting tomorrow. Should be boring. It’s fine. Doc also signed me up for massages, which is going to be awkward as fuck because, well, it’s my ass cheek. If this shit doesn’t work, it’s the rope for me. Oh well.

First person there to tell me that I should never Squat deep or Pull heavy is getting slumped.

Jerk: 175 x 10 x 1
Crushed 2, rest were meh

Snatch: 155 x 10 x 1
Bout as good as they were last week

Curl: 112.5 x 10,9,1
It’s fine.

This picture is fucking killing me, Rae and Ghost posing with one can of AriZona. Bodied.


First off, THIS is fucking AWESOME:

Next up, shout out to my dad for challenging me to see who could press more. He lost. By a lot, but he’s old and will probably be dead soon, so I commend him for it.

Carlos says:
If it’s a tendon thing, which I remember you saying it was according to the doctor, Starr rehab won’t work. It wouldn’t work if it was a muscle thing either, it’s too late for that. Try 20 rep squats, really. I found it had a therapeutic effect of sorts. It’s better than sitting on your ass.

And what’s miho?

I tried 20 reps today, felt pretty good actually. I really dislike 20 rep squats though, I get bored after 10. Yes, bored. I’ll most likely stick with them though, as I’m desperate to get 500lb on my back again.

Miho is my misspelling of Mijo which loosely translates to my son.

Adam says:

That’s some fine pressing, nicely done.

Thanks, chief.

Tomorrow is “Family Day” here in Ontario, which means absolutely nothing except that the gym is closed, so I trained tonight.

Squat: 225 x 20
Got bored, was easy, felt it in my glute, but it felt pretty good.

Bench: 245 x 8 x 3
First set was at 265, because I’m stupid and miss-loaded the bar. I realized it as I was doing the set, I thought “Wait, I put 2 tens on each side, Why did I do that?”

Chins: +60 x 5,5,9
First two were tough, it’s fine.

Pistol Whip Clowns ‘Till the Gun Goes Off

Red Apples Fucking Suck

Green apples are way better.

Adam says:
Yeah proximal is glute/ham, distal is ham/calf. What helps me remember is to think proximal: in close proximity, distal: distant, and the point of reference is your trunk. So the proximal end of your hamstring is the one in close proximity to your torso, the distal end is the end that is distant from the torso. Same deal for like proximal tricep vs. distal tricep, all the same shit. 

I appreciate this, but I can’t resist:

4 hours left until I have a week off school, There will be Skyrim, The Toronto Auto Show, Whiskey, Drumming, not wearing pants and Sushi. It’ll be alright.

I’ve started finding the term ‘slumped’ fucking hilarious. If someone pisses me off they’re “Gettin’ Slumped” I almost convinced my friend to say put it in his essay. It’s a lot better than slapping someone and a lot more fun to say that killing or shooting.

Press: 210 x 3
It was alright

Kroc Row: 125 x 2 x 13
Tough, but good

Dips: +45 x 2 x 8


I’m Definitely not Someone who Endorses Hitting Women

But I think given the opportunity I’d punch Nicki Minaj in the face.

Wrote a haiku yesterday

It’s Valentine’s day,
One more lonely year for Mark, 
Whatever, It’s fine.

There’s a girl I could probably write a Haiku everyday about for the rest of my life, but I don’t have much else I wanna say about it.

Did shit on my midterm from Monday, but probably got near perfect on the one I did this morning.

Adam says:
Man that sucks so much, sorry to hear it. More motivation to set some Open records though ;) 

Well, I’d never use, but if I got open world records I’d probably tell people that when I introduced myself to them.
“Oh, hi, I’m Mark, I’ve never done steroids but have world records in untested power lifting.”

Miho says:
It seem to be taking awfully long for you to recover. This does not seem normal. Since now you have an actual diagnosis (proximal hamstring origin, right?), I would consider asking Rip about how to go about rehabing it, since last time you were under the impression it was a glute thing.

Can you do 20 rep squats? They should be light enough that they shouldn’t bother your injury, but they’ll still provide some sort of training stimulus.

 If the Proximal hamstring is where the Hammy and Glute connect, then yeah (don’t know a ton about anatomy). 20 Rep squats don’t seem like a bad idea, but I dunno about asking Rip, I’m pretty sure he’d just recommend Starr rehab again, which didn’t work.

Jerk: 175 x 10 x 1
They were alright

Snatch: 135 x 5 x 1, 155 x 5 x 1
The ones at 135 were by a huge margin the best I’ve ever done so I threw another 20 on, which is the heaviest I’ve ever snatched, still felt good. NO FUCKING CLUE why these feel fine but DLs/Squats don’t.

Curl: 112.5 x 1 x 10, 1 x 9
Meh,  Snatched good, so I don’t curr.

If this is serious, these guys are the worst people in the world, if not, they might be the funniest.

Times Are Hard

So, I went to squat today, I mean, I got 440 for 1 on Friday, so I figured I should be good. 225 felt like shit on my glute, it kind of sunk in that if 1 week of squatting moderately heavy brought me back that far I’m pretty clearly nowhere near being fixed. It sunk in that I’m quite clearly not breaking any world records in May (Which means I’m not going to nationals, if I know I’m not doing what I set out to then I see absolutely zero fucking point in competing) and it sunk in that I had better be prepared not to squat or pull heavy for a long fucking time.

This hurts so fucking much it’s unbelievable. I’m a different person since I started lifting, it’s my one fucking passion, the one fucking thing I can do that I love, the one fucking thing I have to be devoted to, and it’s being compromised for I-Don’t-Know how long. I feel like a fucking failure for giving up my goals and a fucking moron for injuring myself in the first place. I’ll still do Press, Bench, Chins, etc. because I have nothing else to do and I don’t want to be some lazy, scrawny fucking slack-jaw, but until I have 5 plates on a bar on my back again and until I’m standing up straight with  5 plates on the bar in my hands I’m going to feel real empty inside. I know now how my dad felt when he fucked up his car on the track when he went out on tires he knew were corded, I know exactly how he fucking felt and I feel like a total piece of shit for joking about it.

I’m busy as fuck this week, but I’ll go back to the Doctor next Monday and figure out where I’m going now, whether I need some sort of surgery or some 6 week intensive rehab bullshit.

Knowing that I was ahead of schedule to achieve my goals, that had I not fucked up and been stupid for TEN FUCKING MINUTES I’d be where I need to be for May NOW, and that there’s not one thing I can do to change it is the worst pain I have ever felt. I won’t kill myself or anything because I think that’s fucking stupid and know eventually I will Squat and Pull again, and there will eventually be other god things in my life, but, shit, I’m not gonna be to pleasant of a person to be around until then.

Press: 175 x 8 x 3
Played with grip a bit, I like where I had been gripping from the best.

Chins: +60 x 5,5,8

R.I.P. J.Dilla

Died 6 years to the day. I’ve already expressed my opinion on the man.

Liam says:
Another way of explaining it is that you want the bar to be directly over your elbows at any given point in the bench press. So, naturally, as you extend your arms, in order to keep that bar-elbow relation, the bar has to travel towards your head a bit. So the bar path isn’t perfectly vertical, but you should be able to draw a perfectly-vertical line between the bar and your elbows (and through the wrist) at any given point of the bench. 

That cue is correct and pretty good but I’d use my explanation in combination with it, because together they account for the path and where to place the bar at the bottom.

Don’t really have much to say, and I’m fucking hungry sooooooo

440 x 1
Wanted 3, didn’t think I’d get any, fuck, whatever.

295 x 2
Was reallllllll fucking close to the third and I’m pretty pissed I didn’t get it.

Kroc Row:
125 x 2 x 12


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Survive the Drought, I wish you Well

Wait, how sick am I?
I wish you well

Jay-Z REALLY fucking needs to get back to rapping like this.

Big Mac inquires:
Wanna be a little more specific about the bar path? Do you mean as vertical as possible?

No, I do not mean as vertical as possible. I’m gonna assume you know at least a little bit about physics with my explanation. I read an article a little while back, I think it was written by Clint Harwood, the biggest bencher in Canada, (860lb in triple ply) What I took from it about bar path is that, since your back is arched, the best place to be at the bottom of your bench is lower on the chest, closer to the to of the arc, because it physically isn’t as low. The best part to be at the top of the bench though, is with the bar closer to above your neck, such that your arms are perpendicular to the floor when viewed from the side. The reason for this is because if the bar is farther down at the top of the bench it creates a moment arm, so you’ll be holding the bar from moving down towards your legs while pressing it up. These two facts mean that the best way to bench is with the bar lower at the bottom and higher at the top (higher being closer to your face) so the bar path, up and down should reflect that.

Coached two people at once today, it was alright, I think coaching 3 new people at once would be a handful, though. Had the newer one doing Tabatas, as he needs to lose fat, he wanted to puke. It was alright. The manager of the gym put up anti-steroid posters, I laughed and told the members of the staff I talk to that the posters are gay.

I was walking back from the microwave to my table in the caf and as far as I could tell a girl glanced in my direction, saw my wolf shirt, and was disgusted (Judging by her facial expression) I thought that was fucking hilarious.

Front squat: 250 x 3 x 3
Felt my glute in the bottom, but not at the top, which is odd, because I felt back squats a the top but not at the bottom.

Jerk: 175 x 10 x 1

Snatch: 135 x 10 x 1
Felt pretty good, actually

Curl: 112×5 x 10,9
It’s fine.


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