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I Guarantee she Looked Like an Angel

I couldn’t think of what I should say
When Adam saw Eve in the Garden
I believe he felt the very same way.

Now that I understand this song, years after I first listened to it it’s the saddest song I’ve ever heard.

It’s about a boy who works for the circus, travelling around place to place constantly, never having a permanent home. One night in Anytown while working he sees a pretty girl.

“In a screaming ring of faces, I saw her standing in the light”

He often sees pretty girls while working it’s nothing new to him, but this time is a bit different, he proceeds to talk to her and blow off working the whole night and spend it with her, going on rides, getting to know her, etc.

“Girl it looks so pretty to me, like it always did.”

He’s seeing his ‘home’ as he never as before because he’s seeing it with her. He never realized how beautiful the whole setting was from his perspective, but now that he’s finally seeing the forest instead of the trees with this girl he’s realizing what it really is.

“She took off her silver locket
She said Remember me by this.
She put her hand in my pocket.
I got a keepsake and a kiss.
In the roar of dust and diesel
I stood and watched her walk away.
I could have caught up with her easy enough, but something must have made me stay.”

This is where it  gets sad. At the end of the night the girl obviously has to leave, but she feels about him the way he feels about her. When he leaves he wants to go with her, but he’s frozen at the exit, he’s never been apart of the outside world before. He’s a part of the circus, but just as much the circus is a part of him and regardless of how he feels about this girl he can’t renounce his status. It then sinks in that he’ll never have emotional satisfaction in his life, he’ll just travel around, putting on an empty smile, night after night, town after town.

“And now I’m searching through these carousels and the carnival arcades
Searching everywhere from steeplechase to palisades”

If I was a person who cried at songs, that would do it. The next night, presumably in the same town, he blows off working again, but this time to spend the night looking to see if she came back.

Squat: 355 x 6 x 3
Feeling a bit better, but still some pain.

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3
Slow, tough.

Powerclean: 185 x 5 x 3
Felt good.

Chins: +70 x 5,5,7
Better not be stalling.


Black Cars

Look better in the shade.

Went to a party last night, my one buddy and I were the only ones sober (I was driving) and it kept swaying back and forth between fun and boring, got to catch up with a lot of people I went to high school with, so that was neat.

Squat: 435 x 5
Pretty easy, about as easy as 425 was last week.

Press: 225 x 2, 230 x 0
Don’t wanna talk about it

Deadlift: 405 x 5
Pretty tough, but I haven’t pulled and squatted ‘heavy’ in close to 8 months

Kroc Row: 130 x 2 x 10
These were pretty tough on my hands, probably because of the DLs, My two sets were done to Black Cars by Gino Vanelli and Twisting by the Pool by Dire Straits.

I’ve probably listened to this song about Unrequited Love about 40 times since Wednesday, it’s fine.

These two are also really good.

And I was Made to go With That Girl

Just like the saxaphone was made to go with the night.

Finished exams, everything should turn out in the 75ish area or better. Gonna blast Freedom by Jeff Healey.

I don’t even know how I found this blog, but I find it quite relatable, aside from the fact that I never lift anything. See you on the boards, Marotta. 

Cool beans, man.

Snatch: 160 x 10 x 1
Didn’t sleep well so I know these wouldn’t go great. Pressed out 6 and 8 slightly.

Klokovs: 165 x 5 x 1
Went well

Curls: 135 x 2 x 5
Mmmmmmmmm Bear arms

I Don’t Care What This Sounds Like

I’m more concerned with what it feels like.

Fucky exam schedule makes it easier for me train Tues/Thurs/Sat this week.

Last 3 finals could have gone better, I mean, there’s almost no chance I fail either course, but I’m not really expecting to do better than 75% in any of the courses. It’s fine, though, one left, which I don’t technically need to write, but I’d rather finish with more than 55 in that course, so I will. If I get 50 even on it I end with a 75, which is alright, but obviously I’ll try to do better.

JT Says:
Legit squat is legit.

I hated numerical techniques when I took it. Almost as much as I hated stochastic processes.

Thank you. I guess realistically it’s pretty useful, but it’s still boring as all hell.

Squat: 350 x 5 x 3
Still feel it at lockout on volume days, still don’t feel anything on intensity days.

Press: 175 x 8 x 3

Chins: +75 x 5,5,7
Again I fucked up and did an extra set with the wrong load at the start, 60lb this time. I should probably stop that.

My Team Bear Arms tank came in, I’ll try to get a picture curling in it with my sunglasses on Thursday. 

I Have Seen Brighter Days

But life’s a peach; Why complain?

Did good on Stats, which I was expecting to. The prof put “WRITE YOUR NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS HERE FOR 1 BONUS MARK”, so I wrote my name in legit block letters, then asked my TA “Now I’m not TRYING to be an idiot, but is this what she meant by block letters?” apparently she just meant all capital letters. It’s fine. I left laughing because I felt kinda dumb.

Decided I’m gonna lift at 83KG in August. Only need to total 1290, should be easy. I dunno if I’ll compete in The Arnold at 83 or 93, lots of time to decide that, though. I’m definitely gonna want to be in the <200lb class for the Strongman comp, though.

If I don’t blow out my brains tonight because of it, tomorrow I’ll write Numerical Methods which is the most boring subject in the world taught by the most boring human in the world.

Squat: 425 x 5
2.5lb PR, my first squat PR in 5 months and I fucking SMOKED it. Feels good to be back.

Bench: 302.5 x 3
Pretty easy tbh

Kroc Row: 130 x 2 x 11


Is building the foundation for a building with no ceiling.

First exam went well, which is cool because it was the one I was most worried about.

I meant what kind of programming? Just a triple on fridays?

Week one I’d do a heavy triple on Fridays, Week two I’d do 6×2 DE work.

I may think about that, as that’s far enough away for me to be able to put some solid work in.

Just about four months. Set it up.

Snatch: 160 x 5 x 1, 165 x 5 x 1
Pressed 2 of them out 4 and 6 iirc. Caught 7-10 lower and didn’t press out

Klokovs: 165 x 5 x 1
Kinda slow

Curl: 135 x 2 x 4

It’s Like a Dusty X-Box



I’m back.

I’m doing a meet August 19th. IPF meet in Niagra that I’ll be doing to qualify for the Arnold. I need a 30 Wilks, which I can definitely manage. If I squat 500, bench 320 and pull 535 that gives me 390ish so I can definitely do better than that.

After that Adam and I are probably going to do a Strongman comp in October before the Arnold, just because it’ll be a cool thing to do.

Probably won’t write much over the next two weeks what with exams going on. It’s fine.

Maclain asks:
Before you harmed your buttock, what were you doing for your deadlift?

My PR was 520 x 3.

Liam says:
May as well kill yourself now. You’re doomed to only be able to hit 2-plate doubles

Already did. Come to Niagra on the 19th with Adam and I.

Squat: 350 x 5 x 3
Still felt these at lockout, dunno why because 415 felt pretty fine on Friday. Whatever, as long as my heavy squats keep getting better Saul Goodman.

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3
Pretty easy tbh.

Chins: +70 x 5,5,7
Fucked around and accidentally did a set with 45 first. These were real tough.

Truth be Told

I value the lives of those close to me more than I do my own
I’ll put the chrome to your forehead proudly
Try to fuck with my fam? over your dead body

Last day of lectures, and only two finals I really need to worry about. Feels good man.

What doesn’t feel good?

Press: 225 x 4 x 2
I got FOUR fuck doubles but couldn’t get ONE fucking triple.

Squat: 415 x 5
7.5lb off my best set of 5? I’ll take that.

Kroc Row: 130 x 2 x 10.

I’ll Walk up to Your Mom Like

Yup, it’s that Justice McFly shit

School is almost over, and thankfully I have more time to study for circuits than anything else, because I fucking need it. Training will probably be a bit hectic over the next couple of weeks, but there’s no way I’m not pressing 225×3 on Friday.

This is kind of cool:

I’m not a big fan of “cookie monster” metal either except while lifting. You may remember them playing a track from their hit album, “Hammer Smashed Face”, in the Ace Ventura movie.

Nice press, btw. Grind that shizz.

I checked them out, I’ll probably download some stuff for training.

Snatch: 160 x 5, 165 x 5
Missed one at 165, tried 30 seconds later and got it. Pressed out R9. All my catches were shit.

Klokov Complex:  165 x 5
All my catches were shit.

Curl: 135 x 2 x 4

I’d Rather Die on my Feet than Live on my Knees

So I went to visit my mum’s parents yesterday for Easter and her mum’s pretty sick. Her mind hasn’t been right since my mum was a kid, most likely because she was in a internment camp during WW2. Now in her old age she’s having all sorts of other complications, it’s mostly sorted out but she still has an extremely restricted diet and has to take tons of different pills. This is obviously sad, but I’m not going to write about that because there’s nothing anyone reading this can do about it, so that would be pointless. What I’m writing about is my old age. Being the fragile, decrepit, remains of a man is something I’m legitimately afraid of. I NEVER want to be someone who struggles to make my way up a flight of stairs, or get up out of bed, or any menial activity like that. I’d far rather be dead than limited like that. Even more importantly than that, though, I especially never want to be a burden on my family. If my family has to worry about dropping what they’re doing to tend to me I’ll feel absolutely awful about it. I don’t like being worried about, and making people act on those worries would be even worse. I hope to God that I’m never in a state where I’ll have to be tended to for the rest of my life. I’m going to do the best I can to make sure as long as I’m alive I’m able bodied.

J.T. Says:
Grimetastic. You should probably listen to Cannibal Corpse while you’re at it.

Aren’t they a metal band? I’m not a big fan of metal-y stuff unless it’s while I’m lifting.

Yo, link me to this facebook page so I can offer advice on direct tricep work and how to nail fat bitches.

You found the page and have not done that.

Squat: 350 x 5 x 3
Felt every single one at lockout.

Press: 175 x 8 x 3
First four went through the ceiling, last 2 were pretty slow, I was taking <2 minute breaks because I don’t know why.

Chins: 70 x 5,5,6
These were hard, was about an inch away from rep 7 on the third set.

Here’s to me being 80 years old, Pushing a Prowler up and down my street with Van Halen blasting in my fucking ears.