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Down to Fly off the Handle and Probably Make it Worse

So most of the time I’ve spent at work so far is doing site work which basically means you drive out to one site in the morning, make sure the contractors have built everything to the spec labelled in the design drawings, go out and eat a big lunch (which you get to expense, so essentially you get paid for your lunch break), then drive to another site and do the same thing. It’s a pretty good time and it’s relatively easy, while still feeling some sense of accomplishment. 

Not crazy about leaving home at 7am and getting home around 8pm, but I’m making money, getting work experience and I have a pretty sweet gym to train at, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Snatch: 155 x 10 x 1
I fucking love bumper plates

Klokov: 165 x 10 x 1
I fucking love bumper plates

Curls: 100 x 2 x 8
Thick, solid, tight

Apparently on Friday my office shuts down at 4:30 and there’s food and beer.
“Mark, have a beer”
“No thanks”
“Why not?”
“I have to go train in an hour”


I Told Her “Neck my Shit,

Yeah, spit on it,
Disrespect my dick.”

Started my new job today, it was alright. Boss took me out for beer at lunch, that was unprofessional and awesome. New gym is legit as fuck. I’ll talk more on Wednesday, I wanna go to bed now.

Squat: 355 x 8 x 3
Feeling better.

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3
Could have been faster.

Deadlift: 315 x 10
Pretty easy.

Chins: +75 5,5,6

I missed black iron so fucking much. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

We can Scrap all Day

but I might box with a knife.

New job starts Monday, I’m pretty excited, and also glad that I won’t have to train at my university gym for the rest of the summer. It’s time for Black iron, lots of chalk and oly equipment. I think I’m gonna pick up some knee wraps at some point, only going to use them for snatches and cleans, though.

Squat: 415 x 5
Could have been easier.

Press: 200 x 3
Could have been easier.

DE Bench: 185 x 6 x 2
It was alright, they feel pretty good, actually.

Deadlift: 285 x 20
High rep deadlifts are still fucking awful

We done? Aight,

I’m a Real Goon

I wear that ski-mask like a hat


Accepted the offer for the job in Toronto today. There’s a bubble tea place that’s less than one minute walking distance from the building I’ll work in, I can get one before work, grab one at lunch and then one more on my way to the gym after work.

Snatch: 135 x 10
Working towards full snatches, as the power snatches are seeming to bug my knees

Klokovs: 165 x 5

Curls: 100 x 3 x 8

Lay it Down

Let it go
Fall in love

I feel bad for models. Seriously, modelling has to be the most overrated and the absolute least fulfilling job on the planet. I can even imagine how horrible it must feel that your entire contribution to society is looking good to convince people to society. As a model you’re basically a nameless image. Of course people know your actual name if you’re real famous about it, but beyond that no one cares about you as a person. All that matters is their objective image. A model could know heaps about particle physics or neurobiology; Nobody cares. They could have cool hobbies like restoring hot rods by hand or making swords; Nobody cares. As long as they are there to look pretty on the runway or on that magazine cover that’s all they’re worth to their employers and anyone who sees them on that medium. It must feel completely fucking awful to walk down the streets and have a bunch of people know you but not give a shit about any skills or talents you posses, it must be a very shallow, depressing life, maybe that’s why so many of them do cocaine. This is just something I was thinking about at work the other day. It’s a shitty world we live in when the people who have built a name for themselves off of the way they look instead of the people they are are admired, even more so when that image is falsified through make-up, air brushing, etc.

Have you tried Jack3d? it’s a little smoother than caffeine and doesn’t last as long. I recommend it if you’re gonna be tired as fuck when you get to the gym.

I haven’t, but seeing as volume day lasts around 2 hours, I don’t think I want something that wouldn’t last as long. I found out that espresso is pretty good, so I’ll probably just drink those.

Squat: 355 x 8 x 3
Bit of a wider stance, maybe 1/2″ outside shoulders on each side, felt pretty good, tbh.

Press: 180 x 8 x 3
Last couple were tough, I could have rested longer.

Deadlift: 285 x 15, 5
I DOH’d and my grip got tired as fuck so I took about 45s-1m before doing the last 5, I’ll do 285 for a solid 20 Friday, then 315 x 10 on Monday.

Chins: +75 x 3 x 5 

Turn the Other Cheek

And I’ma break ya fucking chin

Got a new job, it’ll be 45 hours a week + 1 hour commute each way, but it’s pretty much worth it, I’ll be making more than my boss at my current job and I’ll get experience in my field, plus the place seems really nice with a pretty cool environment. Even more importantly, it means I get to go to the U of T gym because mine would be closed by the time I get home. 4 squat racks, 4 flat benches, 4 oly platforms w/ bumper plates and they even supply chalk.

Training at 1830h after that long ass day should be interesting, so I guess I’ll be learning to like coffee.

The only real cons here are the commute (Which is slightly made up for by the fact that I’ll have time to read ASOIF) and the fact that I’ll have to wear dress shirt/pants/shoes every day. I’ll probably show up in Tank top/shorts/sneakers and change when I get there.

Wasn’t expecting much out of training today, especially on ~6 hours sleep because I was nervous, but it seems like losing weight makes you weaker after all.

Squat: 405 x 5
Could have been easier

Bench: 305 x 1, 225 x 5
305 was tough as fuck and my spotter was dripping on me, so I racked it. 225 x 5 was easy as fuck.

Deadlift: 245 x 20
20 rep deadlifts were originally thought of by Satan. 

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Been watching a lot of Clint Eastwood movies lately. This motherfucker shoots dudes without looking at them. When The Man With No Name flips his poncho over his shoulder you KNOW someone is catching a slug. 

Snatch: 160 x 5, 165 x 1, 155 x 4
Pressed the 165 rep out, then Clarked 165. May or may not have had something to do with the guy walking right in front of me while I was set up and making me lose focus and tightness.

Klokovs: 165 x 5
They were fine.

Curl: 95 x 2 x 8

I Threw a Bullet at him

He was wide open

To the August meet, or the CPF Waterloo meet? For Waterloo meets, I just stay at a friend’s house who lives not even 5 minutes away from the Waterloo campus. August one, depends entirely if I’m going or not, but if I were to go I’d prob’ly go the day before for a why-the-fuck-not-water cut. So maybe.

And of course no pause. Has to be bounced.

I had meant the August one, I’m not doing the CPF Nationals this year. I fucking wish I was, though.

Going to see a cutaway model of the McLaren MP4-12C tomorrow and I’m pretty fucking excited. I have a major engineering boner for this car. I’ll link to the pics which will have explanations of why which parts are as cool as they are for anyone who cares about science-y stuff.

Squat: 355 x 8 x 3 
These weren’t good at all.

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3
Could have been faster.

Deadlifts: 225 x 20
20 Rep deadlifts are straight-up awful

Just realized I forgot chins. Fuck.

There was a girl doing squats in the rack next to me, full depth, but her knees were coming way forward, so I helped her out. didn’t ask her name or state mine or anything, guess I’m an Assclown. 

Well, Fuck

Today was my worst day at the gym in a looooooooong time. I didn’t sleep enough because I forgot to turn my alarm clock off and couldn’t get back to sleep after, and I’m thinking I was a little ambitious with my deadlift, so I’m gonna rehab them the same way I did my squats, since that seemed to work pretty well.

450 x 0, x 3

Press: 225 x 0

Deadlift: 425 x 0, 225 x 2 x 10
I’ll do it for 1 x 20 on Monday.

Yeah dude assuming the events are do-able I’m still in for that, that will be fun.

Also, Mark Marotta: The only dude on earth who curls for triples.

I didn’t intend to curl for triples, it’s supposed to be 5s, I used my google-fu and found the events for that meet:

Fuck…When I can find the info on some of the meets in September I’ll send it your way. 

 I haven’t decided if I’m gonna go yet. But it doesn’t help that it seems likely that I’ll be going to the CPF meet on June 3rd, because I want another record and I’ve got friends who’re going to that one.

I’ll probably head over there the night before either way, so if you wanted to do the same we can split a room to preserve fund. Just let me know whenever you make up your mind. Yes, Homo. No pause.


Van Halen I is the Rock’n’Rollingest album of all time. Seriously. There’s not one bad track on it, and not really any forgettable ones either. You can Air guitar the entire 35 minutes of it. It’s fucking great. My favortie two cuts are probably Ice Cream Man and Feel Your Love Tonight, these motherfuckers make background singing badass.

It’s also very difficult to drive the speed limit while listening to it.

Haven’t registered, not likely that I’m gonna do it or do any PL competitions in the near future. Deadlift dropped 50 pounds in the last two months, bench has gone to shit, everything just sucks lately so concentrating on my powerlifting total is only making training less enjoyable. I lift because I enjoy it, so once what I’m doing isn’t fun anymore it’s time to concentrate on some other goals. Still going to focus on getting stronger, but gonna deload everything a lot and push some other lifts for a bit to get my excitement back.

To sign up for the meet I believe you just have to email and get the info, that’s how I got the entry form for the OPA meet coming up this Saturday that I almost signed up for but opted out of.

Well, FUCK. Looks like unless Liam ponies up I’m going dolo. You’re still up for the Strongman comp near you in October, right?

Snatch: 160 x 5 x 1, 165 x 2 x 1, 160 x 3 x 1
I’ve done better, but most aside from the two I pressed out at 165 were good. Two girls were walking by, one said OhMyGod, and I’m 99% they referred to me as “A nice specimen.” when I got back from the fountain. They were hot. Didn’t say anything to them because I had nothing to say. It’s fine.

Klokovs: 165 x 5 x 1

Curls: 135 x 2 x 3
Still harder with the narrower grip, I’ll probably drop down a bit.