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Chalk on my Back

Belt ’round my waist, Music in my ears, and a loaded barbell in front of me.
My tether to my sanity
When it comes down to it, it’s all I really have.

Trained pretty shit today. I’m sick but besides that, I couldn’t sleep Thursday night and haven’t had any appetite since Friday at lunch both for the same reason, but it doesn’t fucking matter know. The sleep I lost Thursday night, the past week, the past 5 months, all for fucking nothing.

Your chinning impresses me. 

Thanks, bro. Means a lot to me.

You should listen to this, particularly tracks 2, 4, 6 and 9.

Squat: 450 x 5
At least something went right

Bench: 300 x 0, 225 x 5

Deadlift: 430 x 0, 405 x 1

I don’t wanna talk about it. 


Belt Buckle turns into Brass Knuckles

Tie that shit to my fist and smash your jaw.

Tired as fuck, have to drive all day tomorrow, so I’m not writing tonight.

Snatch: 155 x 5 x 1, 160 x 5 x 1
Really nice, clean, solid

Klokov: 165 x 5 x 1

Curl: 100 x 2 x 9

Chins: +80 x 5,5,6

Things I Remember Doing Friday Night

Crip Walking
Folding two slices of pizza together so I’d have time to eat more than everyone
Drunk texting Haaaaaaard
Taking pictures of my friend who hates having his picture taken
Discouraging my friend from urinating on someone’s house
Announcing that there were two lonely bites of hotdog bun in the washroom

whats up with the deadlift? still the butt issue?

Yes, improvement is slow, but I don’t think I even have to pull 500 to qualify for supermeet2013

Awesome squatting Mark, that’s fucking epic.

Thank you sir.

You mentioned weight loss in an earlier post. What are you down to, like 150?

So, Walter, knowing that either Gus dies or his family does, poison’s Jessie’s girlfriend’s son and frames Gus to gain back Jessie’s partnership. After this Walter convinces Hector to strap a bomb onto his wheelchair and when Gus visits him he rings the bell and that detonates the bomb. Gus walks out of the room with half his face blown off and then falls down, dead.

I’m 186.

Squat: 365 x 8x 3

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3

Skull Crushers: 115 x 2 x 8

Oh, Brent said there’s some girl currently working on reading every post on this blog. Hi.

Coming To You Drunk,

From my toilet.

Still a little drunk from last night. Had about half a 26 of Maker’s Mark. I told at least 3 people to stay safe. No hangover, I win. It was one of my closest friends’ birthday so we partied pretty hard.

Went out to lunch with some co-workers yesterday, I’m getting along with them well, and was pretty normal, socially. They’re all pretty cool so that’s good.

Squat: 445 x 5

Press: 205 x 3
Could have been easier

Deadlift: 425 x 5
Pretty tough, 20lb jump might not have been the best idea.

Gonna eat breakfast and take a nap, now. Stay safe. 

Went to Sleep that Night Feeling Excited ‘Bout the Next

Even though what I said yesterday still stands, as soon as I heard THIS SONG I thought “Oh cool, the soundtrack to my fucking life”

Stroup Doggy Dogg:
Legit on the Nosebreakers. Try those on an incline sometime and REACH WAAAAAAAAY back. Fucking incredible variation. kind of a hybrid skullcrusher/french press. I shall call it the Canadian Press.

Maybe I will, I think my tris are holding back my bench and press at this point.

Other music I’ve been feeling can be found here: Rone – The First Story
It’s got a nice laid back, somewhat soulful sound to it. AGL.

Snatch: 155 x 10 x 1
Last one was legit as fuck.

Klokovs: 165 x 5 x 1
Last one was real messy because I Gordoned on the clean catch.

Chins: +75 x 5,5,7
No curls, didn’t have time. 

Racial Slur, I Dump Lead Often

12’ Grave, give you and ya mans bunk bed coffins

Adam says:
2 hours is “by far” the longest drive you’ve ever done? That’s not even a drive. And if the way you approach girls puts them into pepper spray mode, I don’t think you can be helped…

Badass squat PR buddy.

Man, you’ve seen me in person; you know damn well how ugly I am. No, but seriously, something else (better) seems to be materializing, it’s not something I’m gonna air out on here, though.

Yeah, I don’t drive too much.

It’s getting harder and harder to motivate myself to show up for work at the grocery store:

No hot receptionist
None of my direct supervisors are losers/let the smallest amount of power go to their heads
I get paid half as much
I have to deal with asshole customers
Can’t listen to Jay-Z while I work

Really the only positives are how hard I can slack and getting to hang out with the few people I like there. It’s fine, basically my one PhreshCo shift every week is pocket money and I can keep my engineer paper for important stuff (Tuition, etc)

I slept with my window open the one night last week that it went down to ~11 degrees, so I’m currently getting over a cold. It’s fine.

Squat: 360 x 8 x 3
They were alright, pretty easy.

Press: 180 x 8 x 3
Short rests, so the last ones were tough

Skull Crushers: 115 x 2 x 8

You Know them Hammers is on Deck

When plane tickets was bought, but we ain’t fly here.

Adam foolishly says:
Next time you see her, ask her out for lunch. Take a chance buddy. Guess what happens if she says no? Nothing. You won’t even have to live in shame because no one will even know.

I believe in Mark Marotta.

Adam, you’re a nice guy, you mean well, I like you. The worst thing that could happen isn’t no, though, the worst that could happen is she assumes I’m going to attack her, pepper sprays me and runs away.

Getting pepper sprayed would probably interfere with my lifting that day.

I drove to Port Dover today. It’s a little buttfuck town 2 hours Southwest of Toronto. By far the longest drive I’ve ever done and it was pretty much useless because one 1/3 of the work I was supposed to inspect was actually done. I’m pretty sure the combined I.Q. of the town is less than mine. It’s fine.

Squat: 440 x 5
Pretty easy tbh

Bench: 300 x 2
Missed the third.

Deadlift: 405 x 5
It was fine.

Smoke a Half ‘Ball of Those Bath Salts

And get to eating your face off the pavement

I said I’d never see her again, but I was wrong. As I was leaving the subway station she was 20-30ft ahead of me I noticed her amber curls swaying with each step and thought “I bet that’s her”, as I got to the turnstile she glanced back at me, those eyes. The coffee I drank before I left work didn’t get my heart rate up. That did.

10/15/20 years down the line she’ll be married with kids, happy as a clam, without even the faintest memory of my existence. Wait, 10 years? Probably now for those last two.

Snatch: 145 x 5 x 1, 155 x 5 x 1
I really sucked ass at snatching today.

Klokov: 165 x 5 x 1
These went well.

Curls: 100 x 2 x 9
Swole patrol

Chin-ups: +75 x 5,5,6
Gonna do these every Wednesday because of time constraints.

Anyways, I’ll go back to being that weirdo on the Subway she awkwardly made eye contact with three times, now. 

Watch Your Voice or I’ll Slap the Bass out

Like Geddy Lee

Becky says:
hey. i just started reading your blog. got here from vale and kim’s blog rolls. you’re funny.


Nah, I’m just kidding. I enjoy making a joke stuff like that because if I take it too serious it’ll just piss me off.

Talked with my Grocery store boss at my lesser job about getting a Real Doll on Sunday. He didn’t get the joke. “Just ask a girl out.” he insisted. “I don’t wanna talk about it.” I responded.

Went to a couple of clubs Saturday night, it wasn’t as fun as when I was drunk. Got 3 hours sleep. AGL.

Squat: 360 x 8 x 3
It was alright.

Bench: 250 x 8x 3
The first one was actually 270, I miss-loaded the bar and didn’t realize it until after the first rep. The second set felt real light, though.

Deadlift: 355 x 10
405 x 5 on Friday, let’s go. 

When it’s Beef I Shoot Everything

Even the wrong racial slurr

Work’s good, etc. Started Fevre Dream after Justin recommended it, it’s real, real good

Squat: 435 x 5
Stepped up on the last one, I was coming up on my toes, whatever.

Press: 205 x 2 x 2
Seems that press was the most affected by my weightloss

Deadlift: 335 x 2 x 10
They were alright

Coworker: Why are you drinking coffee, it’s 4:30?
Me: Because it’s almost time to go to the gym
Coworker: Why do you drink coffee before you go to the gym?