You Know them Hammers is on Deck

When plane tickets was bought, but we ain’t fly here.

Adam foolishly says:
Next time you see her, ask her out for lunch. Take a chance buddy. Guess what happens if she says no? Nothing. You won’t even have to live in shame because no one will even know.

I believe in Mark Marotta.

Adam, you’re a nice guy, you mean well, I like you. The worst thing that could happen isn’t no, though, the worst that could happen is she assumes I’m going to attack her, pepper sprays me and runs away.

Getting pepper sprayed would probably interfere with my lifting that day.

I drove to Port Dover today. It’s a little buttfuck town 2 hours Southwest of Toronto. By far the longest drive I’ve ever done and it was pretty much useless because one 1/3 of the work I was supposed to inspect was actually done. I’m pretty sure the combined I.Q. of the town is less than mine. It’s fine.

Squat: 440 x 5
Pretty easy tbh

Bench: 300 x 2
Missed the third.

Deadlift: 405 x 5
It was fine.


One thought on “You Know them Hammers is on Deck

  1. Adam Wathan says:

    2 hours is “by far” the longest drive you’ve ever done? That’s not even a drive. And if the way you approach girls puts them into pepper spray mode, I don’t think you can be helped…

    Badass squat PR buddy.

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