Racial Slur, I Dump Lead Often

12’ Grave, give you and ya mans bunk bed coffins

Adam says:
2 hours is “by far” the longest drive you’ve ever done? That’s not even a drive. And if the way you approach girls puts them into pepper spray mode, I don’t think you can be helped…

Badass squat PR buddy.

Man, you’ve seen me in person; you know damn well how ugly I am. No, but seriously, something else (better) seems to be materializing, it’s not something I’m gonna air out on here, though.

Yeah, I don’t drive too much.

It’s getting harder and harder to motivate myself to show up for work at the grocery store:

No hot receptionist
None of my direct supervisors are losers/let the smallest amount of power go to their heads
I get paid half as much
I have to deal with asshole customers
Can’t listen to Jay-Z while I work

Really the only positives are how hard I can slack and getting to hang out with the few people I like there. It’s fine, basically my one PhreshCo shift every week is pocket money and I can keep my engineer paper for important stuff (Tuition, etc)

I slept with my window open the one night last week that it went down to ~11 degrees, so I’m currently getting over a cold. It’s fine.

Squat: 360 x 8 x 3
They were alright, pretty easy.

Press: 180 x 8 x 3
Short rests, so the last ones were tough

Skull Crushers: 115 x 2 x 8


One thought on “Racial Slur, I Dump Lead Often

  1. Legit on the Nosebreakers. Try those on an incline sometime and REACH WAAAAAAAAY back. Fucking incredible variation. kind of a hybrid skullcrusher/french press. I shall call it the Canadian Press.

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