Coming To You Drunk,

From my toilet.

Still a little drunk from last night. Had about half a 26 of Maker’s Mark. I told at least 3 people to stay safe. No hangover, I win. It was one of my closest friends’ birthday so we partied pretty hard.

Went out to lunch with some co-workers yesterday, I’m getting along with them well, and was pretty normal, socially. They’re all pretty cool so that’s good.

Squat: 445 x 5

Press: 205 x 3
Could have been easier

Deadlift: 425 x 5
Pretty tough, 20lb jump might not have been the best idea.

Gonna eat breakfast and take a nap, now. Stay safe. 


3 thoughts on “Coming To You Drunk,

  1. whats up with the deadlift? still the butt issue?

  2. Adam Wathan says:

    Awesome squatting Mark, that’s fucking epic.

  3. Hamburgerfan says:

    You mentioned weight loss in an earlier post. What are you down to, like 150?

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