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Movember Presses

As some of you may remember I pressed for Movember, here are the results. I’m not gonna pretend that there weren’t some misses in there because I was trying to rush, but they all got done.

Deadlift: 460 x 3
First two were a bit sloppy on lock out, 3rd was solid. Had trouble getting focused again, I feel like if I was sleeping better it would help.

Press: 225 x 1 x 5
Fuck cancer.

Kroc Row: 100 x 24
More lats


You Shut Your Mouth You Little Piece of Shit

We’re Cosa Nostra

There’s some stuff I wanna write about, namely how lifting has changed me as a person, I’ll probably cover it over a couple of posts, but I don’t have that kind of time on my hands until after Exams.

Filming my press vid tomorrow, should be a good time.

Front Squat: 250 x 3 x 3

Press: 165 x 3 x 3

RDL + Shrug: 275 x 2 x 5

Curl: (40, 30, 22.5) x 2 x 8

Fuck school, I just wanna mob and lift

Cold Hearted for a Hot Dollar

Haven’t been sleeping enough because of school stuff. Its fine. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Everything was slow and awful

Squat: 365 x 8 x 3

Press: 180 x 8 x 3

Snatch: 145 x 5 x 2, 155 x 2

Chins: +65 x 5,5,7

Skull Crushers: 110 x 2 x 8

One Man

With the heart of ten.

The fact that I’m biologically classified as the same species as these people sickens me.

Listen to this while warming up for a PR. Shit is fucking majestic:

Squat: 455 x 3
Could no get focused at all, it was legit awful, tried setting up once, didn’t un-rack, went at it again knowing I wasn’t really ready, but did it anyways, ending up being a slow, hard set.

Bench: (265, 275, 285) x 2
Felt good, smoked everything, benching Wednesday probably made a difference.

Kroc Row: 100 x 24
Feels good, man, fat forearm pump

So the IPF is getting closer to making Powerlifting an Olympic sport. If it happens I’m gonna put pretty much everything I can into getting myself in. The opportunity to represent my friends, family, and home on that scale means more than I can explain with words to me.

I’m the Threat, Behind the Designer Specs

Fly; you might find me in a spider web.

I fucking live this shit.
This is not a joke.
This shit is my day to day life.
I’m the MopeilityWod equivalent of a Supple Leopard.

Yesterday I was walking from one building to another with a couple friends at school to grab a coffee and kill the 40 minutes between two classes, as we’re walking across I see some girl walk out of the building crying, and sit down on a brick laid ledge (3ft, not something someone could jump off and kill themselves) and continue crying.

This made me sad. I legit felt real bad for the girl, because something must have been REALLY fucking shit in her life for her to walk out of the building in tears in the middle of the morning. I wanted to go try and console her, maybe ask her to come sit with us and just be generally friendly as a way to be a decent human being, not as a way to prey on a vulnerable girl. I just wanted to be nice. The problem was. I have no fucking idea how to do that. I figured however I went about it, I’d be perceived as trying to pick her up, so I didn’t do anything, and continued to feel bad about it, and now even worse because I’m too much of a loser to do something about it. I’m so socially fucking retarded that I can tell everyone else will be able to how socially retarded I am. I know that if I try to be normal, I’ll fall on my face. I fucking live this shit.

Later on while I was eating lunch with a friend and his lady friend I told the story, the conversation that followed went something like this.

Friend’s Girl: You’re so mean!
Me: How does that make me mean?
FG: You didn’t talk to her.
Me: That’s not mean, I wanted to, but I couldn’t do it.
FG: Why not?
Me: She would have thought I was a creep.
FG: No she wouldn’t, what’s the worst that could have happened?
Me: She’d think I’m trying to prey on her and pepper spray me
FG: You would NOT get pepper sprayed, why would you even think that?
Me: I assume the worst possible situation and assume that as reality.
FG: Well, you need to stop assuming.
Me: I fucking live this shit.

End of the day, she’s probably had a terrible day, and is probably having a pretty shit week, and I feel like a piece of shit and am reassured of my social ineptness.

In psychology we learned about monkeys that were completely isolated for the first half of their lives, once they were introduced to other monkeys they couldn’t interacts, couldn’t reproduce, and died a lot sooner. I’m one of those monkeys.

Front Squat: 250 x 3 x 3

CG Bench: 210 x 3 x 3

Rows: 225 x 2 x 5
Harder than usual

Curls: (40, 30, 20) x 2 x 8
Fat pump, really, really fat pump

Found a really good femoropatellar Mob on MobilityWod, I ordered Voodoo bands to do it right, but just did two sets, one of 20 per leg and one of 40 per leg using my knee wraps put on really tight in the placement the bands would be and it feels pretty amazing.

King Nothing

I don’t understand people who walk around with a chip on their shoulder. People who act like they’re more important than everyone else, and we should be waiting on them. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? I remember there was a customer at work, around 50 or so years old, a couple years back who demanded he get another, more expensive product for the sale price of the item in the flyer we ran out of, and because that’s not enough he wanted more than the limit was on the original sale item. The flyer says “While Supplies Last” brobro, it’s a fact of life, deal with it. I told him no, he said he should get them, I told him no, again, and he asked to see the manager. I got the acting manager, who also told him no, then he said “No, I want to speak to the owner.” I told him the owner wasn’t there. he said, verbatim “Don’t mess around with me.” What I did was ignore him, turn around and keep working like I usually do with customers who give em to much shit (Co-workers are usually appalled to see me turn my back on someone and walk away while they’re mid-sentence complaining at me), what I should have done was ask “What’s that supposed to mean? Are you going to put hands on me?” because: 1. The store owner and my department manager both know me well enough to know that I’m level headed enough not to disrespect a customer unless they more than deserve it. 2. No employee at any job should have to deal with shit like that. 3. At a later date when I wasn’t at work he yelled at my mother, who is a cashier there, so I really wish I had gotten the chance to knock him the fuck out. I won’t now because yet another similar situation resulted in the owner, after I let him know it was the same guy, telling him “Get the fuck out of my store, I never want to see you in here again.”

My point ends up being that while some people are subordinate little puss bags and when you act like you’re something they’ll abide, eventually someone is going to call your bluff and you’ll be exposed for the giant piece of shit that you are. No one will ever like you a long the way.

Squat: 365 x 8 x 3
Slow, tough, need more sleep

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3
Fast, Easy, felt good

Powerclean: 175 x 5 x 3
First set was really easy, but each set was significantly harder than the last, despite more than ample rest periods.

Ring Chins: +60 x 5,5,9
I seriously love these

Skull Crushers: 110 x 2 x 8
Tris On Swole


And speaking of Big Pun, Fat Joe was the original Memphis Bleek before Memphis Bleek was Memphis Bleek

Press is stalling, talked to Justin about it, gonna change some things around for it and my bench, main change will be 3 ascending doubles on Intensity day. We’ll see how it goes, but since it’s working for AC I have some pretty solid expectations from it.

Deadlift: 455 x 3
Smoked it, I’m on the Re-up

Press: 215 x 2 x 1
Made two singles, couldn’t even get a double

Kroc Row: 100 x 23
Dat lat spread.

And if a Star Dies in the Sky Before you See One

Why would I ever teach kids to reach and try be one?

Midterms on Saturdays are really fucking cool. One fucking loser decided to pipe up and complain to the prof that one lecture section writes the midterm 12 hours later than the other section and that totally fucking unfair and unjust that we need to all come in on Saturday, the one day a week I have neither work nor school, to write it. No one will tell me who said it, but I’d like to let him no he’s a fucking loser and should learn to keep his mouth shut.

Front Squat: 250 x 3 x 3
Oh so fresh, so clean

CG Bench: 210 x 3 x 3
Real easy, like, felt like 135 easy

RDL + Shrug: 275 x 2 x 5
I like shrugging

Curls: (40,35,25) x 8, (40, 30, 22.5) x 8
Way too many people at the DB rack today.

My Squad will Stomp you with Excellent Manners

Offer you your last words cause etiquette matters.

Watch this, it’s not rap or anything like that, it’s kind of got a folk-rock sound to it. Sapient is typically a producer for the rap crew SandPeople and makes really really really good beats, but he also does his own thing on less of a rap theme.

The basis of the story is that the guy is a weirdo, geek, dweeb, nerd, whatever, and in his desperation tries speed dating, failing at that, just like any other social interaction he attempts and the girl he was talking to deems him a loser. Later on he’s in the park being a dweeb and a pretty girl who’s awesome and sees past his weirdness strolls into his life on a slim chance and they fall for each other. It should be noted that the girl isn’t a video model like most dudes would hire, but his actual IRL wife and it’s awesome that he got her to play the part. The girl from the speed dating later sees them together and gets jealous because she sees him happier and way more interested in the nicer, better girl (Who’s face isn’t the shape of the bottom of a shoe) then he was in her, so she tries to get between them because sloots gonna sloot. It goes over the top from there and she tries to shoot him, physics are ignored and the bullet is stopped by the NASA pin his lady friend gave him, so she saved his life in two ways because he probably would have killed himself and her gift stopped the bullet.

At first the video gave me hope that some day a pretty, nice, sweet, kind girl would stroll into my life unannounced, but then I remembered it’s just a video and that shit doesn’t happen in real life so I’m just gonna join the Night’s Watch and go guard The Wall.

Squat: 365 x 8 x 3
Came forward on a couple, but for the most part they were pretty easy

Press: 180 x 8 x 3
Kinda slow

Powersnatch: 135 x 6 x 2
Too easy, should have done 145

Ring chins: +60 x 5,5,9

Skull Crushers: 110 x 2 x 8
Last rep was sloppy on both sets. When I’m approaching failure my elbows get under it and I kind of press it out instead of rotating it.

Word on the Street, Billy got his Shoes Jacked

Til he got a new gat, then he got his shoes back

Would write, but I have assignments to do and midterms to study for. Gonna go see Skyfall today, should be awesome.

Squat: 450 x 3
Real fast but a bit tough.

Bench: 290 x 2, 225 x5
Deloading a bit and gonna go 5s for a bit.

Kroc rows: 100 x 22
Still getting exhausted as fuck by the end of these.