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So, Here’s the Plan

For the next two months. Basically I don’t have time to miss any lifts at all if I want to total 1400. I’ll be lifting on this programme.

Bench: 3×5
Press: 3×5
Weighted Ring Chins: 5,5,Failure

Squat: 3×5
RDL: 3×5
Pendlay Row: 3×5

Bench: Ascending 3×2
Press: Ascending 3×2
Curls: 2×8 down the rack
Skull Crushers: 2×8-10ish

Squat: 1×3
Deadlift 1×3
Farmer Walks

Speaking of plans, going to downtown Toronto for NYE tonight and I have no clue what the plan is because my friend set it up and he hasn’t told me. This is the type of thing I stress about, I like to have a plan, know it well, and stick to it, but I don’t even know what time we’re leaving. Fucking wonderful.


Don’t Pay me No Mind ‘Till

After I’m gone, ’till after I’m gone.

Lifting and how it has changed me as a person.

When I first started “lifting” I was a much different person than I am now. I picked up the weights in the primitive set that remains in my basement with dreams of big biceps and pecs to impress girls and get them to want to make out with me. I persisted with this bullshit for over a year until I decided to do a more strength based program to put size and weight on, eventually moving towards Starting Strength. It started off pretty easy, but it quickly got hard, and as the numbers grew, so did I, not only physically, but as a person.

My goals changed. Originally the ‘strength training’ was a stepping stone to looking more like Arnold or Frank Zane, just a temporary thing for a couple months, but as I dove further into it it became apparent that dedicating hours a week into nothing more than looking (what you perceive as good) is painfully immature and narcissistic. Of course devoting those same hours just to being able to say that you’re stronger than other people is, as well, but pushing myself as hard as I can, as a way of finding my limits, is not. Figuring out what I want out of training, though, is just the tip of the ice berg that is the total impact Benching, Pressing, and especially Squatting and Pulling has had on my life.

I’ve learned the value of putting in effort. Not just trying kinda hard at something, I mean really putting effort into something, have you ever struggled as hard as you fucking could to accomplish something and succeeded? There aren’t many feelings as good, as knowing that every bit of your ability went into something and it was barely enough. You feel, for a brief amount of time, that you achieved perfection. Perfection for a mere moment, but perfection, none the less. You removed the human factor. Your experiment is taking place in ideal conditions. Your work material is unobtanium. There is really no feeling like it, and people who don’t do something that they love will never understand it.

I’ve learned about patience and that what you put into something determines what you get out of it. More simply, dedication and determination. If you want to do accomplish something you need to accept that it will take time and that level of effort I just talked about. There are gonna be days where you would rather stay home. I don’t have many, a couple a year at most, but they’re there. It’s a matter of not giving myself the option. I don’t take into account whether or not I feel like training. It’s a matter of do it. You do have to want need it. Unless you you start treating lifting as something you do, and establish it as something you are you won’t be committed enough to succeed. This type of devotion, to anything, drives me, if I treat failure at lifting as failure of myself, it ensures I do whatever I can to succeed.

The biggest thing it’s taught me though, is what I want out of life. Now that I’ve poured a substantial amount of time into this, it’s shown me a lot about myself, about my goals outside of lifting. When you reap the benefits of something that you put a lot of time into it becomes apparent that the temporary things in life aren’t important. I’m not concerned with getting high on drugs or piss drunk (I’ve tried getting piss drunk a few times, it’s not nearly as fun as having a couple of drinks with your friends and maintaining your composure.) That sort of shit won’t make me someone that I like, it’s temporary feelings, it’s worthless. Same thing with casual sex (Not that it’s something I’d be any good at pursuing if I wanted to) It’s meaningless, it’s just giving your body away to someone who doesn’t actually mean anything to you. I don’t care for extravagant material possessions, if your house it big enough that you can’t maintain it yourself, you don’t need it. I’d be far happier with a small house and a healthy happy family in it than I would with a mansion that had butlers, maids, grounds keepers cleaning up my mess. All these things are, when it comes down to it, worthless. If at the end of the day you can’t look yourself in the mirror, stare into your eyes and be proud of yourself, why would you continue down the path that you’re on. Lifting has taught me the importance of my opinion of myself, and it goes back to this post here. Lifting is something I do that affects my opinion of myself, sure I get people saying ‘dude you’re jacked/strong as fuck”, which is nice, or the occasional dickhead telling me I should be leaner, but at the end of the day, they don’t understand what I do, so I don’t care. Just like when people say I should smoke some weed or get more drunk than I am at a party ‘Nah, I’m good’ because I don’t care what state you think I should be in, and when I’m older and people are shitty fathers and husbands, but brag about their house being bigger, I just won’t care. I’ve learned from lifting that I don’t want to be someone who does things to impress others, I want to do things for myself and the few who’s opinions do matter. I don’t care about owning stuff or doing things to impress other people, it isn’t important, what’s important in lifting is pushing myself as far as I can go, and what’s important in life is being as good a man, (and hopefully) husband and father as I can be.

I once read something along the lines of ‘Athletes don’t stick with their sport because they love it, they do it because they couldn’t imagine their lives without it.’

When you Crossed me you Lost me

Now if I was guarding Derrick Rose
I would be more understanding but you ain’t Derrick Rose
You was my number one, but uuuhmm, you ain’t Derrick Rose
You try to make a point again, you ain’t Derrick Rose
You just on some Bulls-shit, bitch, you ain’t Derrick Rose

Damn, Fab, you ain’t have to do all that to them

So, I’ve gotten into The Arnold. I’m hopping to be able to total 1400, but it’s gonna be tough.
I intend to dedicate a lot of time and effort into this, and push as hard as I possibly can.

March 3rd, Mark your calendars.

Squat: 500 x 0
Decided to try for it as the gym will be closed next week because of Christmas didn’t get it, but I’m not too upset

Bench: (280, 290, 300) x 2
Feels good, man.

Kroc rows: 100 x 20
Cool beans

Anyways, gonna be writing about how lifting has changed me as a person over the next week, and doing a fuck ton of mobility.

So Bring That Pac Shit Back

Bring that Pac shit back.

Maker’s 46 is really good. It’s also strong and fragrant as fuck.

Went out to a party some of my friends who live on res hosted last night, drank Maker’s 46 on the rocks, but not to any excess. One kid who’s never got drunk before went and drank 15 shots of vodka in 15 minutes, passed out, pissed himself, and puked his face off. EMTs were called and he got taken to the hospital. Idiot.

Other than that had a good time, was able to talk to girls without being a complete dipshit, so improvement is always a good thing.

As always when I drink anything I slept like shit, so I’ll be sleeping a LOT tonight.

Maker’s 46 is really good.

365 x 8 x 3
Slow and awful

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3
Slow and awful

Front Squat:
250 x 3 x 3
Fast, but felt bad

CG Bench: 210 x 3 x 3

Rows: 230 x 2 x 5
Surprisingly tough

brb spending the next 3 weeks sorting out my sleep schedule.

Put Four Rounds in ya Grill then we Audi

Everything is just about over with school, 2 finals left, CAD and Psychology. Both classes I’ve already passed regardless of if I write the exam or not.

I figured out a way to tack my Patellar Tendons with a lacrosse ball really well. MobWod has some stuff about lying on the lacrosse ball  and bending the knee to tack the Quad Tendons, but if you try to use the same method for the Patellars the ball just slips out and rolls away, so I came up with this:



You stick the flat end up against the wall, and put the lacrosse ball in the spherical void so it won’t move around, I’m make it out of some MDF or something after exams and will post pics/results so my few consistent readers can know if it’s work it to build their own.

Deadlift: 465 x 3
3rd rep wasn’t a perfect lock out, grip was going, that’s what I get for skipping out on assistance during exams

Press: (195, 200, 205) x 2
First two were kinda slow.

Will be going back to full workouts next week.

Several Severed People’s Heads

 In a medieval chest
Beneath your bed, you’ll never sleep again…


One of my lifters was asking me about lifting shoes while we mob-ed. Some girl who was doing Turkish get-ups and some other kettlebell stuff interjected, it was awkward because she was recommending the Reebok Crossfit shoes as an intermediate between lifting shoes instead of Chucks (which he already has) but I didn’t want to tell her Crossfit is shit. It’s fine.

Front Squat: 250 x 3 x 3
Nothing interesting

Press: 160 x 3 x 3
So fast

RDL + Shrug: 275 x 2 x 5
Headphone cord caught my thumb and fucked everything up on the last set, it’s fine.

Curl: (40,30,22.5) x 2 x 8
Such a phat pump.

So Now I’m Prayin’ for the End of Time

It’s all that I can do

>Attends work Christmas party
>Goes out for drink with co-workers after
>Orders Bourbon
>Boss “You drink Bourbon???”
>Coworker “Yeah, I figured you as more of a Coors Light kinda guy”

haha, yeah man, me too, it’s fine, hey, ‘scuse me for a sec, I’m just gonna head out side and put a bullet through my fucking skull, I’ll be right back.

Squat: 365 x 8 x 3

Press: 180 x 8 x 3
Not so bad, did three sets to Paradise by the Dashboard Light. It’s fiine

Snatch: 145 x 6 x 2
I think I pressed out one rep in total, the second on the first set, that’s a lot better than usual.

Hey guys

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you before but fucking with your sleep = fucking with your training, and also, fucking with your entire body and brain.

Stayed up until 4am on Thursday studying for an Exam that was Friday, and 3am studying last night. It paid off because I know I did real well, but, fuck.

Squat: 460 x 1
Rep took like 20 seconds from the bottom to the top, wasn’t gonna do another one I knew I wasn’t making.

Bench: (270, 280, 290) x 2
Somehow I absolutely crushed this, I really like the 3 ascending doubles thing

Didn’t do anything else, I had an exam right before and then one earlier tonight to study for so I just wanted to eat dinner and get back to work. 3 exams left, one that I’m real worried about, two that aren’t two bad.

I Know Wheelchair N—– Who’s Legs Move

Late nights and early mornings, exam time. Only one I’m real worried about now, the rest should be okay as long as I get enough studying in.

Front Squat: 250 x 3 x 3

CG Bench: 210 x 3 x 3

Pendlay Rows: 225 x 2 x 5

Curls: (40,30,22.5) x 2 x 8

The News Call it Crack

I call it Diet Coke

You guys should read these threads, I’m pretty funny in them.

Didn’t sleep much Sunday because of a shitty assignment, so everything was real slow and shitty yesterday

Squat: 365 x 8 x 3
Slow as fuck

Bench: 250 x 8 x 3
Not as bad as bench, but could have been a lot better

Clean: 175 x 5 x 3
Slow and sloppy and awful

Didn’t have time to do anything else.