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This is our Moment

We accept it like our death, with our arms open, our hearts frozen.

Nothing much to say because I wanna go to sleep.

Arnold in <36 hours

Squat: 315 x 1

Benge: 225 x 1

RDL: 225 x 5

Let’s go.


‘Cos you Don’t Wanna Die, and I Don’t Wanna Have to be the Guy

‘Cos you don’t want your parents asking why, you never got the chance to say goodbye.

So obviously, the only day I wear my singlet in the gym, is the only day I see TGWCTABPB in the gym in over a month.

*Pulls Trigger*

So, weigh in for The Arnold is at 0630h. I typically sleep for 0130h to 0930h. To fix this issue on short timing, I stayed up until 0500h Sunday morning, and set my alarm to 0800h. I didn’t have much trouble getting to sleep last night and I don’t expect to tonight.

As far as school goes I have one assignment to do and one midterm to write before I leave and then everything is all focused on The Arnold.

I anyone reading this is going let me know because I wanna get dinner with internet people on Friday night.

Did all lifts with full commands, in singlet, to full competition standards today for practice.

Squat: 405 x 1
Smoked, felt like 315

Bench: 250 x 1
Nice long pause, coracobrachialis is still a bit fucky, gonna roll it a bunch, other wise felt good.

Deadlift: 405 x 1
I started to burp as it came off the ground and the burp stuck in my chest and it felt really fucking weird and slowed me down a bit, but it was fine. Would have preferred that not to happen and for it to be fast.

Curls: (40, 30, 20) x 2 x 8
First set of 40 was probably like 10, because I was giving a cadence so like 4 of us could do synchro-curls instead of counting. Also, singlet curls are fucking awesome, they’re like regular curls, but done in a singlet.

One More Time

Soooooooooooooooooo basically I’m fucked.

I psyched myself the fuck out squatting today and couldn’t even get 480 for 1. I know I’m strong enough I just psyched myself out and when I went to get out of the hole I had absolutely nothing. 

Not the best feeling one week out.

Squat: 480 x 0, 405 x 5
Gonna go 469/502/512, most likely. Assuming I’m strong enough to squat 470 x 3, which I KNOW I am, that’s consistent with my typical 40lb gap between 3rm and 1rm.

DE Deadlift: 275 x 6 x 2
These were fast. Really fast.

Back Extension: 80 x 3 x 5

Pinch Grip Deadlifts: 140 x 3 x 5
I had been using the absolute shittiest bar in the world the last few weeks, thing weighs about 20lb and the collars don’t fit on the sleeves and it’s painted instead of knurled, this week there happened to be a good bar lying in the spot where I do them instead of the shit one and it turns out the difference in the mass moment of inertia is far bigger than I thought.

Get Hauled Off and Given an Autopsy

So far I’ve done school work every day of reading week. That’s not terribly cool. I’m hoping to finally finish A Farewell to Arms, and start The Princess Bride, which is one of my favorite movies, so I expect to enjoy the book.

My right Coracobrachialis has been bugging me for a little while now, more on Tuesday than ever before. Just feels tight and sore but nearly all the time. I smashed it with a barbell sleeve for a while Tuesday after lifting and it feels a bit better, but still pretty sore through my warm ups, and I still feel it on my work sets. Hopefully I can fix it up by next week because I feel like it’s mitigating my bench a bit.

Bench (paused): 330 x 2 x 0, 320 x 1
Really close both times, could have got it without the pause, my sticking point is now with my arms are at about 120 degrees or so. I feel like board press is going to be a useful exercise next cycle. 320 was a grinder because the bar came forward at the bottom it was all “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck”

Press: 200 x 3
Wanted something decently heavy but not too much, as there’s no point in going for a press PR tie right now. Smoked it and debated going for 5 as the last rep was descending, but I decided that wasn’t a good idea.

Curls: (40,30,20) x 2 x 8
First set was really easy, second wasn’t.

Tate Press: 40 x 10, 50 x 8
Skull crushers felt absolutely awful on my Coracobrachialis when the bar went down behind me do I decided they weren’t a great idea and threw in some Tate press.

Looking like bench is gonna be 310/320/330 unless I absolutely smoke 320, in which case I’ll go 335.

I’ll Walk Into a Bank in a Gwar Mask

Put the money in the bag; don’t be a hard-ass.

It’s reading week so I can spend 10 hours sleeping every night, take a hot epsom salt bath after lifting and all around recover more. Gym was closed yesterday because of a lame made up stat holiday that got imposed on us like 3 or 4 years ago. So I’ll still press intensity tomorrow, and squat intensity Friday. Then work up to heaviest warm-ups Monday, something like 405/250/405, then hit some even lighter stuff for squat and bench Wednesday, 315/225, and maybe a set of RDLs.

Bench: 250 x 3 x 5
Not terribly slow, but pretty hard.

Press: 170 x 3 x 5
Faster and easier than usual.

Chins: +60 x 5,5,8
Gotta keep the biceps swole.

Squat: 390 x 3 x 5
Last set might have been 6 reps, lost count after either the 3rd or the 4th. First two sets were a breeze then felt real light headed after the third, dunno why, so I had a nice long sit until I felt better.

RDL: 280 x 3 x 5
Went up pretty fast.

Rows: 230 x 3 x 5
Shit as usual.

I decided that there was no real point in moving volume numbers up this week as it’s the last time I’ll be doing volume work this cycle, so why bother.


Great white north, he lifts.
He out back squats his deadlifts
Could do more tricep work

Sounds about right, thanks, Bert.

Anyone wanna let me know what the fuck is going on?

Someone want to explain to me, why, 2 weeks ago I absolutely annihilated 470 x 3, and now, today, I could barely get 480 off the ground?

Seriously, what in the fucking fuck. Slept 8 hours last night, ate decent, felt fine, wouldn’t budge.

Not terribly reassuring 2 weeks out. I’m thinking my deadlifts are gonna be 470/500/520 at The Arnold.

Part of me wants to go and get 480 x 3 tomorrow, and 2 years ago, I would have, but I’m thinking the recovery is more valuable to me at this point.

This is definitely gonna be the least optimistic I’ve ever been going into a meet.

Deadlift: 480 x 0

DE Squat: 250 x 6 x 2
Went pretty fast.

Round Back Extension: 80 x 3 x 5
Felt good, phat back pump.

Pinch Grip Deadlift: 140 x 3 x 8
As if my grip matters when I can’t pull anything to my knee.

Rounds Flyin’ Everywhere

It look like Sonic fell on a spike.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. You know what what means, Russian Roulette between sets of 20 rep squats. You can grab the rack beside me, but no conversation.

Bench: 300 x 2, 310 x 2, 325 x 1
I just didn’t have it. Pretty damn frustrating. I absolutely smoke the first rep, it flew up, then the second one stuck not too far from lockout. I’m gonna do 330 for a paused single next week, without the two sets before it, and assuming I hit that, it’ll be my second attempt at The Arnold.

Press: 200 x 2, 210 x 2, 220 x 2
220 was a bit of a grinder, but I’ve had way harder.

Curls: (40, 30, 20) x 2 x 8
Fat pump.

Ready to absolutely destroy 480 on deadlifts Friday. seeing as how hard I crushed 470 two weeks ago it shouldn’t be a problem, then it’s reading week so it will be a fuckton of sleep and other recovery for my last week before I taper.

Stickin’ my Dick in the Corpse

Rip it and pick it a part

Those words shouldn’t sound so good when they’re rapped, but they do.

Hey Stank, 
Thanks for reminding me what a faggot you are. I’ve heard good things about Joey Bada$$, shame his name is fucking awful. I might check a few songs, but my expectations are low as fuck. You should probably listen to OnlyOne, he’s my favorite rapper besides Pharoahe Monch. He usually puts out a lot of work all at once, then goes to jail and doesn’t put anything out for a while then puts out a bunch more shit.

I Was sluggish and achey as fuck, but I started eating 5 clementines a day on Saturday and I pretty much feel better now.

Bench: 255 x 3 x 5

Press: 175 x 3 x 5
Was supposed to be 170, but my phone wouldn’t connect to the internet to let me check. Even slower than bench.

Chins: +55 x 5,5,10

Feel a lot better, nose is still stuffed up/runny as fuck, but other than that I’m pretty okay.

Squat: 390 x 3 x 5
Little harder than last week, but not much.

RDL: 280 x 3 x 5
Flew up

Rows: 235 x 3 x 5
Better than usual, but I still fucking hate them.


Get abducted by a beam of light.

Guys, OnlyOne is really, really, really, really good at rapping.

So I failed my squats today, it was even closer than my benge was on Wednesday and I’m pretty fucking sick right now, to the point where I probably couldn’t walk the same weight out of a rack, let alone 2 and basically an inch away from being home free on the third, so I’m still going 480 in two weeks. I legit took that shit out of the hole, too. Fuck.

Squat: 470 x 2
So fucking close.

DE Deadlift: 250 x 6 x 2
Got these going pretty fast.

Round Back Extension: 70 x 3 x 5
Felt okay, except for the fact that the shitty bench we have has a plastic lip that digs into my torso.

Pinch Grip Deadlifts: 130 x 3 x 8
Was really glad the guys in the same area of the gym as me at the time had cameras on their phone so that youtube can see their 1/3 ROM weighted chin ups. Proud of you guys.

I’m all About the Antidote

Pain Killers, Prozac, Muscle Relaxers
Trust me my back hurts.

Do you guys like Brotha Lynch Hung?

He’s not very typical as far as rappers go, his last three albums are a trilogy that each play like a horror movie in a series, it’s very cool, and the guy is insanely good at creating imagery. The content is very, very violent and explicit, but as I said, the dude makes musical movies. If you’re looking for something way out of left field to listen to check out Dinner and a Movie, Coat Hanga Strangla, and Mannibalector, in that order.

I coached a girl for the first time today, a friend of a friend wanted to learn how to squat, so I let him lead, but took over when he was having trouble cuing some things. She was too scared of dropping the bar to press, but I got her to do some RDLs, too. She was REALLY nervous, so it was a bit weird for even more nice about coaching than I usually am.

In other news I was pretty pissed off at how shitty I lifted. I drank a coffee RIGHT before the gym, which I already knew isn’t a good idea and I’m way better off having it 2 hours out, but my buddy went to the washroom in the middle of lecture and came back with coffees. Fuck am I supposed to do?

Benge: 300 x 2, 310 x 2, 320 x 1 x 3.
First 2 sets were WAY too hard, almost puked setting my arch on both of them. Then took two attempts at 320, 1st one was decently close, 2nd one was way off. 3rd was after pressing and was the closest of the three. BRB would have definitely got it if I waited an hour to start my work out. BRB writing “Failed Bench” on a bullet and putting it in my skull.

Press: 200 x 2, 210 x 2, 220 x 1
Similar deal to bench, but Press progression isn’t really a priority right now.

Curls: (40, 30, 25) x 8, (40, 30, 22.5) x 8
People were using the dumbbells I needed.

Skull Crushers: 110 x 2 x 10
Kinda crushed these out of sheer frustration.

Probably still gonna go for 325 on Benge next week, seeing as the third set, after I was already FUCKED from 2 sets, 2 more attempts, and all my pressing, was “Dude, I almost had you.”