If you got a Metro

I’ma throw a bus on your ass

Deadlift: 490 x 2
I can explain. I think. So, yesterday, I left ~.7L of milk out on the counter for around 2.5 hours because I forgot about it, then put it back in the fridge and drank it this morning. Felt a little bit wonky before pulling, and all the way fucked up afterwards. I didn’t start warming up for speed squats for about 45 minutes because I thought I was gonna puke. Feel a bit better now, but still not great. Anyways, first one was really slow, second rep was solid, got the last one 5″ or so above the knee. Prison.

Speed squats: 275 x 6 x 2
First 4 were terrible, as I still felt like puking, felt a bit better for the last 2.

Back Extension: 100 x 3 x 5


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