Call me 8:45

‘Cause both hands on the 9

So, I might do a Bench only meet on Saturday. The dude who runs the CPF is a really awesome guy and every year he holds a free bench only meet at his house with a BBQ after. As long as my lifter has it off work we’re gonna go and I’ll be trying for a 160kg bench because why the hell not.

So, Malice, aka No Malice, aka Pusha T’s brother, aka the other guy from Clipse dropped his album and it is AMAZING. I expected it would be really boring since the dude found God, but holy sweet fuck it is good. The beats are on point, and the writing is crazy.

This verse from the title track, Hear Ye Him is out of this world:

I should’ve been dead a long time ago
I offered it death, and almost said line I wrote
Camouflaged it and act like I had offered hope
The gold chain was steady hanging, ni**as choked
My older brother was my hero till he started dope
Wish I could’ve stopped his very first line of coke
But, I don’t judge
We all got a guilty pleasure
And bless my mama heart, she still believe he getting better
That’s faith and every man was dealt a measure
That’s why I believe every word in red letter
I ain’t no better cuz’ even I supplied em’
For 15 or 20 I provide em’
But, never deny the man that’s steady gettin’ mad
At every time he begged for cash, I oblige em’
My conscious is speaking kinda loud lately
Lord forgive me, I done killed my mama’s baby

So yeah. Listen to this shit. Big time.

Bench Press: 275 x 3 x 5
Paused every first rep for obvious reasons. Going to +5lb every 6 weeks. The programme says to do that after a while, so

W/Slanger: 285 x 9
Almost got the 10th, just shy of lockout.

Press: 180 x 3 x 5
Dropped it down a bit to conform with the 80% of intensity week weight, since I’m 225 for AMRAP now.

Chin ups: +90 x 3 x 5
Need more biceps.

Pulnicella Neck Curls: 12kg x 3 x 15
You loop a towel through the handle of a kettlebell, bite the other end of the towel, and do neck curls. Genius.

Squats: 405 x 3 x 5
Slow and terrible. Deep as a motherfucker, though.

SLDL + Shrug: 300 x 3 x 5
So straps make the shrugs WAY better.

Row: 270 x 3 x 5
This was supposed to be 275, as if it fucking matters.


4 thoughts on “Call me 8:45

  1. Jed says:

    how close are your squat and deathlift maxes? seems like your workout weights are similar

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