If I Wanted Feedback

I’d turn up the microphone and scream into the pre-amp

So I told my parents I’m thinking of moving to another country after school, which I am because the societal norm in North America is to be a piece of shit. For some reason they understood this as me being depressed or trying to run away from something.

That’s healthy.

Anyways, my short list is currently: Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Scotland.

If I get a job at the firm I was at last summer I’ll stay in Canada, otherwise I’ll probably spend as much time looking for work in each of the countries I listed as I will looking for work in Canada.

Squat: 495 x 3
Last rep was really fucking tough, almost didn’t get it, but I wasn’t letting that happen.

DE Deadlift: 315 x 10 x 1
Every rep but #5 was fast, especially 1-4. Right hammy was a bit tight after the squats, felt fine by the end of the pulls.

Pinch Grip DL: 145 x 3 x 8
The Girl Who’s Too Hot To Know I Exist def noticed I exist during these imo.


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