Knock ya Teeth Out

You gon’ make the tooth fairy’s night

Hey guys, I competed in a bench only meet today, so this here is gonna be a meet report. 

Weighed in at 93.6 kg, pretty much what I was expecting as I didn’t care to do a water cut with me having a week’s notice for the meet and a big squat PR scheduled this past Friday.

Like I usually do, I got scared that I wouldn’t have enough time to warm up and warmed up too early. After I took my last warm up, 275lb x 1, it was about 20 minutes to my opener.

My meet PR was 140kg (319lb) before today, I called for 150kg (330lb) to open. I’ve hit 337.5lb x 2 in the gym, so I figured 330lb would be a reasonable estimate for what I could triple. Maybe a bit high, but I could definitely get it. Bar came a bit forward coming of the chest but I recovered and locked it out. It was a lot slower than I would have liked, especially playing the video back afterwards. Called for 155kg (341lb) like I planned to anyways, knowing I had to nail my bar path or it was game over.

140kg coming up, IDGAF by Kevin Gates BLASTING. In my zone. Handler signalled that the bar was loaded for me. Set up was perfect, descent perfect. “Press.” Bar flew off my chest. I’ve never benched anything above 315 that fast. I knew I was capable of doing what I showed up to do, 160kg (352lb).

Called for 160kg. Pacing back and forth, focused, thinking about my bar path, push my heels down, squeeze the fuck out of the bar. My flight was a bit longer than I would have liked, I was getting antsy. 3 lifters out, Last Donut of the Night by J Dilla on repeat. I don’t know what it is about that song, but when I play it all the emotions come out at once, it’s everything. It’s a 101 second instrumental, but it’s so much more. It’s not hard, or heavy, or fast, it just hits a switch for me. Everything pours out.

Set up on the bench, exactly where I want to be. As I get the hand-off my shoulders slip back and my arch sags. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!” I take the bar down nice and smooth “Press.” quick off the chest then it slows right the fuck down. I’m refusing to miss this rep. My right arm raises a bit further, my left lagging behind slightly. Glacial pace. Millimeter by millimeter squirming towards lockout. “Keep that butt in the bench. Heel down. Press back!” Right arm lockout out, the left a split second behind it. “RACK!”

Vids of the meet will be posted when I get them (Most likely Monday)

33lb competition PR (Since March 2013) and a 15lb overall PR. I’m pretty satisfied. After that I drank Canadian beer and ate a 1lb burger, then Menchies.

Today was a good day.


3 thoughts on “Knock ya Teeth Out

  1. hsilman says:

    good job moose man.

    Saw The Heavy on Saturday. great set, played half/half from 2nd and 3rd album. Sad nothing from the first but still a lot of fun. I thought Saul Williams was a no show because we kept checking his stage and unless he played for 15 minutes, we couldn’t have missed him. As it turns out, he was there at some point since I looked at his feed and people were tagging him for an awesome performance. Really REALLY bummed we missed him. I have no idea how it happened.

    Still The Heavy put on a great show. TONS of energy.

    • mediocrepl says:

      Yeah man, The Heavy gets the party live.
      Did they do Big Bad Wolf and ask for tons of crowd participation?
      And thanks mang.

      • hsilman says:

        yeah, I was trying to decide if that or “What Makes a Good Man?” was the best song.

        They had everyone howling and screaming and shit, it was great.

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