My Strap Sound like Waka Flocka Flame

My gat loud like blocka-blocka-BANG

Didn’t have my laptop from yesterday afternoon to this afternoon. I basically was just wishing I was dead.

At least I don’t spend too much time on the internet.

Press: 180 x 3 x 5
Fast, smooth, easy, etc

Chins: +90 x 5,5,7

Neck Curls: 12kg x 15, 15, 20
Can’t wait for my neck to be huge. Like, legit, cannot wait.

Squats: 405 x 3 x 5
First two sets were easy, last one wasn’t. Probably because I took the bar a bit higher on my back just to try it.

SLDL + Shrug: 300 x 3 x 5
I had an awful selection of shorts and the bar tapped my penis on like 10 of the reps. So, yeah.

Row: 275 x 3 x 5
Tough as hell, for some reason. I dunno.


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