Watch the Ground, ‘Cause There’s a Cottonmouth in Reach

If you got something to talk about, wash it down with bleach.

So basically, what I learned today, is that it’s a terrible idea to try and bench a PR 4 days after a Bench meet. I thought it would be enough time to recover, I was wrong. Okay, I fucked up, I admit it. Don’t expect I’ll need a deload, though.

Don’t think I told you guys, I have a tumblr now, Thom Vale thinks it’s the best thing on the internet.

Bench: 320 x 2, 330 x 2, 340 x 1
I basically knew I wasn’t getting a double at 340 as soon as I hit my last warm up at 275. 160kg was my goal for the year anyways, so I’m not too mad about it. Didn’t do the back off set because the recovery is definitely more valuable for this week. Back to normal as of Sunday.

Press: 225 x 3
Basically what I was expecting I would be getting after (attempting) intensity bench.

Skull Crushers: 110 x 2 x 10
Nose started bleeding between sets. I got nothin’

DB Curls: 55 x 2 x 9
7/10 Pump


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