You Zee me Pullin’ Birds like a Jet Engine

So, when we were leaving Osheaga, my buddy packed my 2 best tank tops, and my wolf shirt in with his stuff. I was gonna go have a couple drinks with him and some other friends tonight, but that’s not happening, so I’m doing it tomorrow night after work instead. Basically I get to work for 8.5 hours, then as soon as I’m done drive for an hour and a half. 

Coffee pls.

Aside from that, school starts in a week. My last year for now, still debating my Masters. I want to have it but I hate research and a Masters in engineering is almost entirely research from what I understand. If I do get it it won’t be for a little while and maybe not even in this country, so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Either way, I want to try and finish with a 4.0 for this year, but as long as I don’t do worse than I have so far, my overall GPA will stay above 3.0, which is still hella dece.

Cool beans.

Deadlift: 490 x 3
Could have been faster, wasn’t really in the zone for this. lost my thumb on my pronated hand on rep 2, but kept it on rep 3.

Speed Squats: 275 x 6 x 2
Second rep was faster than the first every set. I dunno it just was.

Back Extension: 90 x 3 x 5
Gonna start doing pauses at the top because Adam says it makes him cum.


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