Monthly Archives: October 2013

What the Fuck am I Fighting for?

I got that Chalacka-Boom with me.

Bench: 335 x 2, 345 x 2, 355 x 2
Everything was pretty fast, felt solid.

Press: 250 x 3 x 1
All geared up for Movember. I’ll be making a post about what’s up with that in a bit. Stay tuned.

Bench: 285 x 8
Might have been able to squeeze out a 9th, but I had to cough, so I racked it.

Decline Skull Crushers: 110 x 2 x 12
So much easier on my elbows, thanks dad.

Curls: 55 x 2 x 10
Phat pump. Took 10 minutes between sets because Canada’s Strongest Man was on TV so I had to watch.


Young Pimp Nigga, What it is?

Puttin’ dick in yo fuckin’ wife

Bench: 285 x 3 x 5
Could have been a bit faster, could have felt a bit lighter.
W/Slingshot: 295 x 9

Press: 185 x 3 x 5
Could have been a lot faster, could have felt a lot lighter.

Chin Ups: +90 x 5, 5, 9
These actually felt real smooth for once.

Neck Curls: 16kg x 20, 20, 25
Starting to notice some pretty solid neck gainz. Yusss.

Squats: 415 x 3 x 5
Felt pretty good, caught the sweetest bounce on my third set. I was really hungry though, and worried more about teaching the 2 new people. Jess will attest to new girl being big time hot.

SLDL + Shrug: 330 x 3 x 5
Shrugs felt way easier than normal, the SLDLs were REALLY smooth for the first set and got way tougher. Probably because hungry.

Rows: 285 x 3 x 5
I’m bringing sexy back-yeah. Get it ‘coz like ‘back’?

Show up Where you Stay with a chick that got D-Cups to Die for

Thick legs lookin like tree trunks beside yours.

DE Squat: 275 x 6 x 2
Figure I oughta move these up to 3 hunge soon

Deadlift: 4-OCHOCINCO x 5 x 1
Kinda slow, but it’s all good money. My thumb has felt fucky all week but it felt way better after pulling. Neat.

Back Extension: 100 x 3 x 5
Felt so good mmmmmmmmm

Pinch Grip Deadlifts: 157.5 x 3 x 8
So harsh.

I Keep a Strap in the Waist of my Carhartts

And one in the glove box, even when the car’s parked
I get guns as easily as car parts
See killing you is easy, Doing life is the hard part

Bench: 335 x 2, 345 x 2, 355 x 2 x 1
Everything from 225 up felt shitty. Took 2 swings at 355, only got the one both times. Cinnamon Cocks.

Press: 230 x 3, 250 x 1
Everything was way too slow.

Bench Back Off: 285 x 7

Skull Crushers: 110 x 12, 10

Curls: 55 x 2 x 10

In all honesty I felt kind of shitty today, not sick, just like not well rested. Guess there’s fuck all I can do about it now.

Thousand Grams in that Cupboard

Nigga if the police raid then we flushin’


Bench: 285 x 3 x 5
Felt really light, actually, so that’s good
W/Slingshot: 295 x 9
Decent, I’d like to start pushing it so that the goal is 12 with the slingshot before the end of the 6 weeks at each volume weight.

Press: 185 x 3 x 5
Also pretty smooth, and even cooler, I didn’t feel like puking during the cleans. Not even a little.

Chin ups: +90 x 5, 5, 8
Some assclown hurt himself on the rings so the gym got rid of them, which is fucking stupid if you ask me.

Neck Curls: 16kg x 3 x 20
Big jaw, like a pelican’s beak, and a thick neck, shit look like an elephant’s knee

Squat: 415 x 3 x 5
Such easy, very smooth

SLDL + Shrug: 330 x 3 x 5
15lb jumps, whatevs

Rows: 285 x 3 x 5
Guess these could have been a bit smoother, but I was really hungry and shit by this point.

My Squad Blackout like an Aryan’s Beliefs

And ya girl said she wanna get buried in my jeans

Squat: 495 x 3
Fucking SMOKED it. First rep was faster than my last warm up. This was so smooth and they were fucking buried. Regardless of whether my body was in the right place to hit a PR, my mind wasn’t. The mental block of missing last week + Stressing about the 2 exams I had this week, my heart wasn’t it in for the 502.5. I’ll probably go 500 in 2 weeks, then 505 in another 2.

Deadlifts: 480 x 5 x 1
Not nearly as much variation in difficulty as last week, so that’s good. I want to be taking a half hour between my intensity squats and my pulls, eat something, and worry about what Jess and my other lifters are doing, but this week was a bit of a mess, so it was only 15 minutes.

Back Extension: 100 x 3 x 5
Had to do these on the shitty incline back extension bench because it’s pretty much impossible to hand off any significant amount of weight to yourself on the GHR, and Jess is too weak.

Pinch Grip DLs: 160 x 6, 155 x 2 x 8

White Girl but she Got a Lotta Back End

Bench: 335 x 2, 345 x 2, 355 x 2
First set was too slow, second one was fast, third one the spotter put his fingers on the bar. I know the guy he said he “barely touched it” and I felt like I had it, so I’m still gonna move up next week. Woulda been faster had I slept enough. *Shrug*

Press: 230 x 3, 250 x 1
I need to be able to press 250 for multiple singles for Movember, so I did it fatigued today.

Bench: 280 x 8
Slow lockout on the last one.

Skull Crushers: 110 x 12, 9

Curls: 55 x 2 x 10

Get Shot Awards

And ya nominated.


Bench: 280 x 3 x 5
Smooth and fast, all the way through.
W/Slingshot: 290 x 10
Came HELLA out of the groove on rep 10, then couldn’t lock the 11th out.

Press: 180 x 3 x 5
Presses were smooth, cleans were terrible because I had to poo

Ring Chins: +90 x 3 x 5
Cool beans.

Neck Curls: 16kg x 15, 20, 20
Just to make sure all the pretty girls that work at my gym know I’m a fucking weirdo.



Squat: 410 x 3 x 5
Smooth but tough, because short rest periods. Last week at this weight. Get money.

SLDL + Shrug: 315 x 3 x 5
Hit my right testicle with the bar on the second rep of the last set. Gonna move up to like 330 next week imo.

Row: 280 x 3 x 5
Could have been easier I guess.

Ya Girl do got a Body like a Coke Bottle, Though…


(This is by far the most ig’nant rap line I’ve ever heard. I fucking love it)

DE Squats: 275 x 6 x 2
Felt really good, really smooth, and really fast. Especially my top end. I did these before the pulls to do as much as I could to compensate for the fact that on opposing weeks I’ll be pulling after squatting heavy.

Deadlift: 475 x 5 x 1 @ ~120s rest
Was a much bigger difference in difficulty between the first and the last than I was expecting. All of them went up real solid, though. I went back to pulling in my squat shoes because I never had a problem with bar drift when I was using them before.

Back Extensions: 100 x 3 x 5

Pinch Grip Deadlifts: 155 x 3 x 8
The cute new girl who works at the gym was like 10ft away doing ab roll outs while this was going on. Probably wondering “What the fuck is this idiot doing?”


I got a Caddy with a V8

That she gave me brains in

Bench (Supersetted with coughing fits that had me on my knees in tears): 332.5 x 2, 342.5 x 2, 352.5 x 2.
All three were slow, came hella out my bar path on the second rep of the second set, but managed to recover.

Press: 230 x 3
Either ties or is a PR, not sure, whatever.

Everything after this point was done to Neil Diamond. All swag.

Bench (Back off): 280 x 8
Didn’t attempt a 9th because I need to cough and didn’t feel like dropping the bar on my chest.

Skull Crushers: 100 x 12, 110 x 12
Picked up the wrong pre-loaded bar first set because I can’t read.

DB Curls: 55 x 2 x 9