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Oh, You Been Working Out?


Bench: 337.5 x 2, 347.5 x 2, 357.5 x 2, 290 x 7
PR doe. First two sets were nice, third one wasn’t a grinder but it def wasn’t fast. Pecs were already burning when I unracked the back off set.

Press: 225 x 3
This was super easy because I was listening to  this song when I did it. Redman, fool.

Skull Crushers: 130 x 2 x 10

Curls: 55 x 2 x 10


Dome Shots Lean his Body

I’m a smooth criminal

Bench: 290 x 3 x 5
Not slow, but not particularly fast. They were, however, smooth as butter.

Slaaaaaaaaanger: 3hunna x 9
10th wasn’t even close. 2 reps up on last week doe.

Press: 185 x 3 x 5
Standard Ops.

Neck Curls: 50 x 3 x 20
My traps were catching a pretty sweet pump.

Pull ups: +90 x 5, 5, 9
Last set was slow compared to the first two.


Squat: 405 x 3 x 5
Fast and easy, was pitching forward a little bit, though.

SLDL+Shrug: 345 x 3 x 5
Sldl’s were smooth and easy, shrugs felt a bit tough.

Rows: 290 x 3 x 5
Pretty average.

Lonely Killer

Quotin’ scripture for his victims

Squat: 465 x 3
Bloated, but overall smooth, buried, and easy. I need to figure out how much breakfast I can eat before leaving for class.

Deadlifts: 380 x 10 x 1
These were hooked the fuck up, like, big time. I was worried grip might be an issue as I do them DOH, but they were all about as fast as 10 speed pulls should be.

Back Extensions: 110 x 3 x 5
Caught a massively phat pump

Pinch Grips: 165 x 3 x 8
Kinda tough, felt pretty harsh on my palms, too.

Fuck These Heauxs

I’m going hard with the bricks.

Locked my back up BIG time doing yoga this morning because my dumb ass stopped watching the video after the part where I found out how to get into it, so that felt wonky until like 3 hours after the first half of my lifting (had to do assistance work after because class)

Also I do yoga now.

Bench: 335 x 2, 345 x 2, 355 x 2, 290 x 7
Last intensity set was a bit slow, but to be fair it hurt to take a deep breath at that point.

Press: 225 x 3
Missed it twice, took my grip way off on the first one, dunno what happened the second, but on the third it was easy as fuck.

Skull Crushers: 130 x 2 x 10

Curls: 55 x 2 x 10
Had THE fattest pump after my assistance stuff

No Excuses for my Failures, My success; no Apologies

Only thing I owe: absolute honesty.

Bench: 290 x 3 x 5
Felt pretty amazing, all of them were fast and felt light. First two sets probably looked like speed work.

Slingshot: 300 x 7
Last rep lockout was slow and the spotter was nervous, so I didn’t go.for another.

Press: 185 x 3 x 3
Standard ops

Neck curls: 50 x 15, 20, 20
Team no-neck

Pull-ups: +90 x 5, 5, 9


Squat: 405 x 3 x 5
All hella fast and easy, except for the one I accidentally took a high bat path for.

SLDL + Shrug: 345 x 3 x 5
Slow and tough, kept hitting my penis with the bar on my first set.

Rows: 290 x 3 x 5
Smooth and strict.

I Hate Beach Music, so Fuck the ’50’s

And I hate the Police Unit, so fuck the 50’s
I don’t hate on Queens music, I fucks with 50
Yayo, Money in the Bank like G-Unit’s fuckin’ with me

Squat: 455 x 3
As fast and easy as they should have been, would have been a tad smoother but I ate too much bloatmeal this morning.

Deadlifts: 475 x 5 x 1
Took it down a notch just to be safe, they felt pretty easy, though.

Back extensions: 110 x 3 x 5
Felt smooth and generally pleasant.

Pinch Grip DLs: 160 x 3 x 8
Easier than usually, I’ll move up next week.

I’m Run-in that Full House

Like Danny Tanner

Everything was pretty much a shit show today, because last night my stomach was fucky as all hell, so I slept terrible, and it’s still fucky today. I’m hoping it was my breakfast from yesterday and it passes soon.

Bench: 335 x 2, 345 x 2, 355 x 1
First set was actually really solid, second was way slow, the second rep of the last set (which I missed) was probably the sloppiest bench press I’ve ever done.

Backoff Bench: 290 x 7

Press: 225 x 3
Way too hard.

Decline Skull Crushers: 130 x 2 x 9

Curls: 55 x 2 x 10

Treat These [Women] like Instagram

If we see something we like we tap twice

Bench: 290 x 3 x 5
Went up smooth and fast, felt light in my hands. So that’s cool
Slingshot: 300 x 7
Came out of path on one rep. I’m starting to observe that if I come out of path on the descent it will be magnified on the ascent. Which makes a lot of sense because the force it produces will be grossly dependant on the position and orientation of the band about my chest. Science.

Press: 185 x 3 x 3
Pretty much felt like nothing

Neck curls: 50 x 15, 15, 20
First set felt tougher that the other two. I dunno.

Pull ups: +90 x 5, 5, 8


Squat: 405 x 3 x 5
Was pretty nervous I was gonna fuck these up and then probably go off myself. I came a bit forward on the first rep but the rest couldn’t have gone better.

SLDL + Shrug: 345 x 3 x 5
Tapped my penis on the first 3 shrugs because wrong shorts, everything else was smooth.

Rows: 290 x 3 x 5
Smooth and pretty damn strict.

My Plan B is to Complete Plan A

Squat: 480 x 0
No fucking clue what’s going on here. The only thing I can think of is that it’s my asthma medication fucking with me, because nothing else is different. I scheduled it out so I still have time to work to 520 x 3 from 455 x 3 next week,which would make 550 a very reasonable second attempt, but this is kind of fucking scary tbh.

Deadlift: 365 x 10 x 1
A couple were really hooked up, but most were too slow

Back extensions: 110 x 3 x 5

Pinch Grip DLs: 160 x 3 x 8
Way easier than last week, last set was still a bit tough, though.

You Think her Body is Out of This World

But really she takes ass-steroids to make her booty look meatier.

Bench: 332.5 x 2, 342.5 x 2, 352.5 x 2, 290 x 7
First set was really hooked up, other two were pretty dece. Realized since my press is no longer a focus I can do my backoff work right after.

Press: 225 x 3
Fast, easy, no biggie like Guerilla Black

Skull Crushers: 130 x 2 x 8

Curls: 55 x 2 x 10