Got your Bird Perched on my Wood

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Bench: 290 x 3 x 5
I don’t think I set up my shoulders right on the first two sets as they felt sketchy, third set felt better. Still fast-ish, doe.
Slingshot: 300 x 9
Dece speed, really good rhythm for the first 5.

Press: 185 x 3 x 5
Really fast, especially the first set.

Neck Curls: 55 x 3 x 25

Chins: +100 x 5, 5, 8
Middle set felt really good, other two were a bit off.

Squat: 415 x 3 x 5
Gym was like 30 degrees, so this was awful. The squats themselves could have been a bit faster, but were fine otherwise. Set 2 Rep 2 my descent was way off so that was funky.

SLDL + Shrug: 365 x 3 x 5
Felt kinda tough, but still solid.

Rows: 300 x 3 x 5
Could have been a tad tighter, but I was starting to melt so…


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