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Snub Nose in the Air;

My chrome is conceited.

Squat: 515 x 3
Almost lost it on the first rep, my butt came way too far in and fucked up my path. I was seeing stars as I locked out the first rep (usually don’t get them until after the 2nd) 2nd and 3rd were less eventful, 3rd one was tough, but I feel like grinding the 1st back into position might have had a bit to do with that.

Speed Deadlifts: 390 x 10 x 1
last 3 were a bit too slow

Back Extension: 140 x 3 x 5

Pinch Grips Deads: 150 x 3 x 8
Way tougher than last week for some reason.


If I had a Street Sweeper, you Would be Nervous

I’d sweep your whole street like Community Service

Bench: 345 x 2, 355 x 2, 365 x 2, 295 x 9
Spot? Nah, I’m good. Shit was EZPZ.

Press: 225 x 3
Bit slower than the last few few weeks, but I felt kind of doo doo by this point because I was hella hungry.

Tate Press: 65 x 2 x 8

Curls: (50, 40, 30) x 2 x 8

Precisely one month out as of today, so there’s that.

Make ya Bitch Move With That Weight

Like Jill Scott

Bench: 295 x 3 x 5
First set was slow, other two were fast.
Slingshot: 305 x 10
Might be a PR, doesn’t really matter.

Press: 185 x 3 x 5
First set was slow, other two were fast.

Neck Curls: 60 x 20, 25, 25

Chins: 100 x 5, 5, 9
Last set felt really good until like rep 6 or so, then it was awful.

Squats: 420 x 3 x 5
Blazed it.

SLDL + Shurg: 370 x 3 x 5
Kind of rough, especially the shrugs.

Rows: 305 x 3 x 5
Pretty average.

Real Talk, I’ll Beat ya Ass on Some G-Shit

Then do it over again with all the homies,
Call it the Beat ya Ass Remix.

Deadlifts: 520 x 5 x 1
These were a bit tough, I didn’t have enough speed off the floor which made lockouts a bit slow. I was pretty much expecting it to be rough, though, as my injury was lit up the last 2 days and I didn’t sleep nearly enough. The last one was ~90 seconds rest instead of 2 minutes because I fucked up.

Speed Squats: 315 x 6 x 2
About half of them were 3 counts.

Back Exentsions: 140 x 3 x 5

Pinch Grips Deadlifts: 150 x 3 x 8

Attracted to a Body of Lies With a Fat Ass

Lifted in a dress shirt and dress pants because I forgot my gym clothes or whatever.

Bench: 342.5 x 2, 352.5 x 2, 362.5 x 2, 290 x 10
Benched a PR in a dress shirt without a spot. Swag.

Press: 225 x 3
Had to cut lockout just a smiiiiiiiiiidge short because I could feel the shirt straining and I’d prefer not to rip it.

Tate Press: 65 x 2 x 8
Kinda slow, ‘sokay doe.

Curls: (50, 40, 30) x 2 x 8
First set felt hella easy, second set felt hella hard.

I got a Rifle With a Tripod,

Nigga, the shots is enormous.
I can take off the legs and still shoot like Oscar Pistorius. 

Bench: 290 x 3 x 5
Paused ones felt a bit slow, rest were rockets.
Slingshot: 300 x 11
I positioned the bar wrong on my hand and couldn’t adjust it so my hand felt like it had a nail through it throughout the set and for about 10 minutes after.

Press: 185 x 3 x 5
Kinda slow, but I haven’t really slept much this weekend.

Neck Curls: 60 x 20, 20, 25

Chin ups: +100 x 5, 5, 9


Squats: 415 x 3 x 5
Bit rough, as I was real hungry, but no big deficiency in speed.

SLDL + Shrug: 365 x 3 x 5
Shrugs could have been cleaner on the first set, I think the straps weren’t tight enough. Third set felt absolutely fantastic.

Rows: 290 x 5, 300 x 3 x 5
Misloaded the bar at first, so that was good.


While cleaning my desk I found the schedule for my squat triples and deadlift 5-singles-on-2-minutes-rests I made after a terrible start to Nats prep this year. Aside from 2 weeks where terrible recovery fucked me over (Once at my own fault, once at that of finals) I’ve stuck straight to it. Benching had to have a pretty serious deload, but I’m still right where I need to be at the moment, although 400 definitely isn’t happening.

Now for the nerdy part. I base attempt selection off of a 1RM estimating formula I derived that says for a relatively experienced lifter, the relationship between your 1RM and your “X”RM is pretty much constant. So for example, at a point when my 3RM was 460lb I got a single at 501.5 (227.5KG), meaning my 1RM squat is typically going to be around 109.03% of my 3RM squat, and similar relationships for Bench and Deadlift. I don’t use this to say “I’m good for that number” because I’m not Paul Carter, but as a reference to select a third attempt, or pick a weight for a heavy single.

So with where I stand now, as in if I were to start tapering this week, my rep maxes for my lifts from my intensity work and my 3rd attempts would be, respectively 510/556 for squat, 360/374 for Bench, and 515/567 for deadlift. I never planned to attempt the World Record for deadlift, and it remains way out of reach, but the squat World Record in my division of my fed is 545, and the bench one is 369. This puts me in a pretty good position.

I still have another 4 weeks of full intensity lifting before my taper starts though, so if I make all my important lifts in that 4 weeks, which I may or may not, that will put those numbers at 520/567 for squat, 370/386 for bench, and 579 for deadlift, which is a position I’d much rather be in as I’d prefer to break the records on my second attempts, and a 1532 total would be pretty neat.

Time will tell I guess, but it’s nice to know that while I’m still not where I want to be, I’m at least where I need to be.

Plus my Whole Squad Catch Wreck

Like a junk yard magnet

Squat: 510 x 3
PR lyfe, first one was smoke, I started descending to early with respect to inhaling on the second one so that was a bit awkward, the third one I felt like I didn’t get a full breath in either, but whatever, I did it. Afterwards I shook everyone in the gym’s hand and told them “I’m better than you.”

Deadlifts: 390 x 10 x 1
Real fast except for the two that came out forward because the bar moved in my hands.

Back Extension: 140 x 3 x 5
Felt so good.

Pinch Grip Deadlifts: 145 x 3 x 8
I need to start chalking the plate before I grab it because I always lose friction at the end of the first set, before there’s chalk on the plate itself.

Stick my Tongue in Different Places,

Baby let’s play Operation.

Bench: 340 x 2, 350 x 2, 360 x 2, 290 x 9
360 was a PR, did without a spot because everyone in the gym looked like a loser.

Press: 225 x 3
It’s taking a lot of restraint to not go for more reps tbh.

Tate Press: 65 x 2 x 8

Curls: (50, 40, 30) x 2 x 8

Gung-Ho for Bung Hole

Gotta fun pole it dumb swole 
Who need birff con-trol

Bench: 290 x 3 x 5
First set was a bit slow, other two were smoother.
Slanger: 300 x 12

Press: 185 x 3 x 5
Again, first set slow, other two were good money.

Neck curls: 60 x 3 x 20

Chins: +100 x 5, 5, 8
Kinda wanted 10


Squat: 415 x 3 x 5
Didn’t really like the bar I was using, it was kinda shit. Felt nice and easy though.

 SLDL: 365 x 3 x 5
Bit tougher, had a long day as I had a 0700h meeting this morning. Still wavvy doe.

Rows: 300 x 3 x 5
Standard ops.