I’m a 19 year old Canadian Engineering student, I’m really awkward socially in the sense that I’m probably missing whatever it is everyone else has that makes them comfortable around other people, it’s something I acknowledge and am working on.

I compete in powerlifting. I don’t use any mind altering drugs because it’s stupid and immature, I don’t take steroids because it isn’t morally/physically/financially worth it unless I’m making a living off of being bigger or stronger than other people and I don’t drink much because I don’t have much time to go out and party and drinking alone is for alcoholics and fucking losers.

I only made this blog because Brent Kim thought it would be a good idea after I told him I’ve given up on meeting girls. I have decided to just wait until I turn 25 and get a Russian mail order bride (Thus the name of the blog). The blog will serve mainly as a training log, but also an outlet of music I’m listening to and how frustrated I am with life. I don’t expect anyone to read it, or give a fuck.

My training log up until this point, which has been limiting me and dimming my shine can be found here:


Again, I don’t care whether or not anyone reads this, or gives a fuck about me.














4 thoughts on “About

  1. stankrom says:

    marotta, glad i could pop your blog’s cherry, since im almost positive that no one else will, because this blog fucking sucks. this is a negative 1 million on the take it or leave it scale.

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